Maybe we do need a rather substantial push back from globalism, maybe the global elite have pushed a bridge too far. Did you know that we are sharing data about our citizens with international security organizations and they with us? It’s true. One could say this global safety net is for our protection, and yet, I wonder. You see, as a business person whose done business internationally, I hate to think all my communication data is being shared with others in other governments, who can use that data, sell it to my competitors or interfere in my business efforts. Whose idea was this?

“Oh, we need it for global security against terrorists” they say. Well, if we were not busy having wars for oil resources, or stirring up the hornet’s nest in the middle east, there would be a lot less terrorism in the world. Do we really need to collect data at this level on all of our citizens? No. Likewise, do we really need to share all our data with the rest of the world, remember we can trust them even less than our own government insider corrupted scoundrels?

Now then, another troubling thing is that we give foreign surveillance teams access to our public’s information; Britain, Vatican (to protect the Pope during travels), Germany, France, EU, etc. All this sharing means too many people have access to all this information. Many nations in the EU are pretending to protect their public from us prying, but the reality is we have reciprocal agreements for data sharing, especially cloud data now.

Having the voting records for everyone is problematic, as it can be accessed by anyone, foreign spies can find sympathizers, or know who their major opponents are for media feed manipulation, just as Google and Facebook tailor the news to what you most likely want to hear, thus, clouding your judgement pro or con a particular party, candidate, or thoughts on a specific issue, just like CNN, MSNBC, or FOX News might, or the NYTs, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe or Miami Herald, see that challenge too?

If you really believe all this data collection, privacy intrusion, and surveillance is good for you, our society, or our future, it is evident to me that you don’t study your own history, or understand the Machiavellian world we live in. We all agree information is power, so why would you turn over all your information to your government, a foreign government or foreign spies and hackers? Think on this.


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