A good sale can reinvigorate a retail store. It can get existing customers spending more and also attract new customers to the business.

Keys to the success of a sale are:

  • It runs for a limited time.
  • Offers genuine value to shoppers.
  • Is easily understood.
  • Is fully supported by all employees.

A challenge for retailers is coming up with sale ideas outside of traditional sale themes. Here are seven exciting sale ideas which will work for just about any retail business:

  1. Local charity- buy the discount sale. Invite customers to make a donation to a local charity above $5.00 and this reflects the discount they get off purchases in your store. If they give, say, $10 they get 10% off. Of course, you would need to limit the size of the donation and restrict the items included in the sale.
  2. Lucky dip sale. Customers make their selections and then at the counter take a card out of a lucky dip barrel. The number on the card reflects the discount they get. Promote the sale as being one where everyone is a winner!
  3. Red light sale. Use a flashing red light above an item on sale. Run this at selected time. The deal needs to be exceptional. The light could be placed to attract passers-by into the store.
  4. Quiet time sale. During a quiet period, on traditionally quiet days or during traditionally quiet hours on any day offer a red hot deal. Get known for this. Try and pull additional traffic in the quiet time and thereby improve the efficiency of the business at the time. This type of sale is best promoted in the front window.
  5. Birthday sale. On the anniversary of opening or buying the retail store, run a birthday celebration sales where your customers get the presents. Offer a gift to every customer who spends over a set amount. Connect with a local charity and offer a gift to them for every sale over a set amount. Bring the sale to a head on a certain day – celebrate with cake and an in-store party. Consider even inviting your customers to shop in party dress.
  6. Product of the week sale. Choose a new product of the week as your hero product and off this at a discount. Promote the product in the front window.
  7. Rainy day sale. People don’t like shopping in the rain. Promote a rainy day sale to attract traffic. Promote the sale on local radio – it needs this for immediate effect connected to the weather.

A good retail sale is about driving value for the shopper. It can separate the retail store from being average. The best way to judge the value of a sales strategy is to start, run several campaigns and measure the results – not just in sales but in new traffic through the door and from team member engagement.

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