Carton damaged smartphones are brand new, unused devices with signs of wear and tear in their external packaging. Many a times, we are not happy with the device we purchase and end up returning it to the retailer. They have a broken seal and hence can’t be sold as new. They are, therefore sold under the moniker of carton damaged products at slashed prices. If you are falling short of cash in order to make that coveted purchase of the phone you love, this variant of gadgets can make things good for you.

A huge discount at the selling price might sound to be too good to be true. Many customers refrain from putting their money into anything but “brand-new” gadgets. But it is to be understood that these mobiles are original devices with an assured warranty selling at low prices, just because their original packaging is somewhat damaged.

Here are 3 compelling reasons for you to choose a carton damaged smartphone:

  1. They are original, brand-new devices

These gadgets are brand-new products and are not previously owned or used. This means the performance parameters you would come to expect from a new phone or tablet stand true in the case of these products as well. Just like any device manufactured at a well-known brand facility, these phones go through multiple levels of quality checks to ensure complete satisfaction to the end user.

  1. They carry all documentation

These gadgets come with invoice and an assured warranty, just as in the case of a new purchase. You know who to contact if your product is not performing as per its potential. But it is important to buy the product from an authorized retailer. It is always great to check the invoice and warranty and replacement terms at the time of the purchase.

  1. They cost less

What bigger motivation than this to plunge on to these low cost gadgets? If you have a budget that’s not at a sunny side but as with all other matters, your heart is not complying with logic, this category is the best bet to get your hands on low cost smartphones. You can save up to 30-40% and hence buy your dream gadget comfortably, without any hassles.

Affordable gadgets are the key to inclusion and greater accessibility to technology. Huge discounts, an assured warranty and a clearly defined return policy let you make an informed purchase decision easier. So, if you are in for certified performance at enviable discounts, carton damaged smartphones are your best bet!