The concept of sex varies with age and duration of a relationship. New lovers obviously have an active sex life and often can’t stay away for too long from each other. But after sometime, the effervescence and romance fizzles out, and the huge number of long-term couples should contend with desire discrepancies. One partner almost always wants sex more than the other, which may trigger substantial conflicts. Similarly, age play a crucial factor too when it comes to frequency of sex. Couples below the age of 40 usually have sex three or four times while couples over 40 do it two or three times in a month. But sex therapists can come up with some wonderful tips that will help you to bring back the passion and fire in a troubled relationship even it is long-term.

Spend quality time with each other

In a long-term romantic or conjugal relationship, it is very much important for any couple to stay together and put aside their differences in opinions. Take cooking lessons together or have a picnic in the park. A bit of foreplay, sharing a glass of wine, dining together in a cosy restaurant, catch a movie, cuddling and licking, stroking, and going for an erotic massage together can make a lot of difference in maintaining the quality of sex throughout.

Understand each other

Couples must understand what they find the most enjoyable in sex in terms of giving and receiving. Sharing wild fantasies about sex is just wonderful to find out what each other like. Remember, good understanding between couples can always pave the way for quality lovemaking sessions in bed.

Get back in shape

The quality of sex in long-term marital relationships often gets spoiled due to obesity issues. It may happen that after child-birth, a female partner gains weight and does not look as attractive as she earlier used to be. This makes the male partner decline her or refuse to have sex. But getting back in shape through exercise is a feasible idea for such women. Pelvic floor exercises are ideal for women. Sex therapists say that the better your health is, the better is your sexuality,” “Exercise alleviates anxiety, increases vigour, and gives a well toned appearance. It can also help in rectifying stimulation problem in men. They can reap the benefits of strength training exercises which actually boost the testosterone levels in their body to a great extent.

Stop the blame game

Stop focusing on the negatives and make a positive approach. Even if there is a sexual issue, address it effectively by discussing openly with your partner. Consult a doctor and find remedies to deal with the problem. There is nothing to be ashamed about and with the availability of many herbal sexual supplements in the market, couples can easily reignite the passion and intensify their lovemaking sessions.

Buy some lube

The main sexual issue for women as they start to age is vaginal dryness. Using a safe lubricant can be a good option for arousal as well as protection and moisturizing of the sensitive areas.

Create a vacation like ambience at home

Make your bedroom have a vacation like setting. Switch off the mobiles, take the laptop away and get rid of all the disruptive elements that might affect the quality of sexual life. Play some romantic music and turn on some gentle lights to get into the groove.

Opt for Make-up Sex

In long-term relationships it is likely to have fights, arguments and confrontations, but the best way for couples to fix them is opting for make-up sex. It tends to be loaded with emotion and passion and end up in bringing couples closer to each other.

Calm down

Couples should take part in yoga and meditation to calm down their mind and get rid of the anxieties. It will help couples to concentrate their mind solely on one thing at a time and appreciate the physical and emotional sensations of sex.

Follow the above tips recommended by sex therapists and preserve the passion in your long-term relation. Keep the romance flowing rampantly.

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