To power your electronics, a 3000 watt inverter is what you will need. The Sensate Dimensions model is one that is particularly of quality. The Sensata Dimensions 3000 watt model has many features and is a quality, reliable inverter. It is the perfect choice for powering all sorts of electronics and can be used at many locations. It can be used in the home to power household appliances such as computers, televisions, video game systems, microwaves, and more. It can be used in the field or on the job to power electrical equipment and power tools and other appliances. The 3000 watt inverter can also be used with boats, RVs, and trucks. This inverter works by converting DC current to a useable AC current. The inverter uses the power from a car battery to do so. The Sensate Dimensions model uses pure sine waves. Pure sine waves are better for powering newer electronics and more sensitive electronics.

The Sensate Dimensions model has many features. Some of these features include patented construction and cooling methods, a thermally-controlled cooling fan, GCFI outlet protection, and a remote on/off switch hookup. The inverter also has an LED display that indicates external power, inverter power, low input voltage, high temperature, and overload. The inverter is also UL listed. The inverter also has protection against various things including short circuit and overload, high temperature, and output circuit breaker. The battery also has protection and automatically shuts down when it is low in power, and has a four year warranty. As you can see, the inverter is protected against the possibility of many malfunctions, so you won’t have to worry about the inverter suddenly overloading or not working for any reason. The warranty also protects your purchase should the inverter not function for any reason that is not your own fault.

The inverter has a continuous output power of 3000 watts and a peak output of 6,480 watts. The output current of Amps Ac is up to 25, with a peak of 91. The input current is up to 120 Amps DC. The output voltage is (VAC) 120 ±5%, and the output frequency is 60 Hz ± 0.05%. The output waveform is pure sine wave with less than 5% THD typical.

The inverter has an input voltage of 11 to 15 VDC, and a motor starting capacity of 1½ hp. The Sensata Dimensions has a fairly high efficiency of up to 88%. The operating temperatures range from -20° to 40° C (0° to 104° F). The inverter weights 58 pounds, and its dimensions are a length of 15.5 in., a width of 16 in., and a height of 17.5 in.

The specifications of this model indicate a top quality inverter, and one you will want to use to power your sensitive electronics. The inverter works on pure sine waves so it will have more versatility in powering different electronics. Amongst 3000 watts inverters, Sensate Dimensions is one that is of superior quality, so if you need to choose an inverter, this is the one to choose.