Do you need some quick cash but you do not know how to write or do any Internet marketing-related task? Are you in love with music and love listening to it? Have you ever wanted to produce your own music? If you answered ‘yes’ to all three questions, then you may have the potential to sell some beats for quick cash.

The beat selling business is a new but booming industry. A lot of people including new artists and rappers are now searching for their beats online. You can tap into this market by coming with short and quick beats which can give you a passive income source.

1) Before You Begin

But before you can successfully sell your beats for quick cash, you need to check if you have all of the requirements. You will not be able to make beats if you do not have your own computer or laptop and an Internet connection. You will need software for creating your beats and you can only edit them in your computer. That is what the computer or laptop is for. Then in the same way, you will not be able to sell your beats online if you do not have an Internet connection. So be sure you have both.

2) It Is All In The Software

Once you have everything ready, it is now time to browse online for different beat making software. Beat making software vary based on the available sound as well as facets of the software. The best software will have a wide array of sounds you can mix to create your own beats. It may be best to also have some instruments and make your own beats at home. From there, the software will just aid you in mixing the sounds.

3) Starting in the Beat Selling Business

When you have your beats ready, you can now start selling them. However, the beat selling business is a pretty competitive industry. There are a lot of people selling their beats every day and all of them claim that their beats are the best out there. To really get key clients, you will need to appeal to a particular sub-niche in the music industry. Do you want to sell beats for commercials? How about TV shows or films? Do you want to create beats for rappers? You need to define your target market in order to make it big in this business.

4) Making It Big

Aside from the quick $20 you can make from creating short and simple beats, you can also make big money out of your beats. There are some websites that can give you big deals like TV or film deals. This will get you more money for your beats.

However, these opportunities are reserved for experienced beat makers. If you are only new to the industry, you would have to put up with some $20 earnings. But still, beat making is a nice way to make some money and the best part is that you get to enjoy what you’re doing.