The ancient period was regarded as the golden period, people used to lead a simple life, far away from the complexities and complications. But even the golden era had its own difficulties and problems. People often used to face the problems due to lack of communication devices, transportation and dacoit issues. Due to lack of security systems, there were many dacoits robbing the houses all the time and even hurting or killing the people guarding. Then, with the increasing awareness and technology, people started to use locks to guard the belongings, still a lock is a mere thing made up with metal, much easier to break. After struggling through time, security issues started to resolve through various inventions, from locks to security intercoms, all are used for the safety and security of the people residing in.

Well, for the people working in an organization, locks, and intercoms were not an option because an organization is a huge place where numerous employees are conducting business, many people come and go on a daily basis, and many transactions are held which are must to be monitored with proper care to maintain security, otherwise huge losses and scams are on the way. To fix up this problem, the invention of barcode came to the use. Barcodes are small strips which are specifically used before checkout to keep a track on the objects and people. Using this bar coding theft and fraudulent activities have come to the minimum.

Supermarkets, showrooms, grocery markets, everywhere a person will see a barcode on the product and a scanner during the checkout. These are used for industrial and commercial purposes securing the transactions and keeping record of every detail for the day.

A barcode scanner combined with mobile computers makes up a lethal combination and fraudulent activities under this surveillance is next to impossible. This is the era of high definition technologies taking the commerce sector on a large scale with security and safety measure. Frauds, scams, losses, raids are required to come to bare minimum so as to make the country developed and a happy country. Some famous mobile computers and scanners are Zebra VC7090, Motorola MC9090, ZM600, Intermec ck3, helping and securing the businesses from various years.

Benefits of Mobile Computers:

1. Sales made easy

2. Services take less time

3. Transaction costs reduced

4. Competitive pricing

5. Streamline business processing

6. Everything can be done through the mobile internet.

Benefits of Barcode Scanners:

1. Eliminates the possibility of human errors.

2. Reduction in employee training time.

3. Inexpensive designs and prints.

4. Extremely versatile

5. Provides better data

6. User – friendly and helpful in decision making.

These are the few benefits availed by the businessmen today with the invention of mobile computers and scanners. Without using these, the business processes slow down and work gets delayed and in a haphazard manner. The internet now provides people brand new scanners and computers and along with them for those having a low budget, refurbished scanners and computers because a client’s wish is our command.