Setting up a home network can potentially save you some cash. A network allows computer users to share printers, resources, data, other hardware, and Internet access. A Network Interface Card (NIC) will help you accomplish this.

In order for a network to work the way it should you will need to have a least 2 or more computers.

Installing a network card is as easy as using it. The card gets installed directly into a freeport on a desktop, or just slide it into a free PCMIA slot for a laptop. After you have done this, you will need to install the proper software along with device drivers into your computer. The last step is to connect the router via cables.

If you are using a wireless system, your network card and router must also be wireless. Today most new computers are equipped with network cards already. This makes setting up a network even faster.

There are several manufactures of network card. Below are some of them with some details about each one.

*3 Com: Producing network cards for the enterprise market. They provide secure type network cards with encryption, remote management, and server features.

*Broadcom: This company’s network cards are usually not visible on retailers shelves because they are already installed in other companies products. Companies were you might find Broadcom network cards are Apple, Dell, Gateway, AP, IBM, Fujitsu, Micron, and NEC.

*Belkin: Presents products that can be used at home, in the car, or just on the go. One option they have is selling network cards, hubs and routers as a set.

*Intel: this is the leading company for network cards for consumers and enterprise organizations. Their products include standard Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet adapters.