1. What devices are eligible for the program? What do I need to bring down?

We accept Laptops, PCs (DIY not accepted), AiO PCs, Smartphones, Tablets.
Faulty items are accepted as well.

To get the full estimated quote,
1) Laptops must come with battery and adaptor.
2) Phones and Tablets must come together with battery. Adaptors and cables will be a good to have. For phones and tablets within 1 year old, the external box will help in the value of the item.

For items that has no value such as 2G phones, you will still get a minimum $100 Samsung overtrade voucher to offset your Samsung Tab S3 purchase!

2. How does PC Dreams arrive at the trade in value?

We have a complex formula behind to take into account factors stated on FAQ 3.

In addition, we also also research over thousands data points and sellers in the market to arrive at our trade in prices to ensure the competitiveness.
That being said, there are always cases of miscommunication of information from customers, human errors on our end, refining of algorithm and formulas that could cause our quotation to be off the mark occasionally. We will usually have a second run through on our quoted prices to ensure that the quotations are indeed accurate. We always welcome feedbacks if you feel that your device have been inaccurately assess. Do email us at samsung.tab.s3@pcdreams.com.sg to let us know!

3. What are the factors that affect the value of my devices?

There are many factors that we use to determine the trade in value. We have listed out some factors below:
For Mobile devices such as Tablets and Smartphones, factors that will affect value by a large extent:
1) External Condition – No one wants a dented or heavily used device.
2) Battery Condition – Smartphone and Tablets are mobile devices that not used with direct power from adaptors. Batteries for many recent thin and light tablets and phones are expensive and difficult to change.
3) Unauthorized repairs – Devices that has been repaired done unauthorized can cause the device to lose certain properties such as water resistance.
4) Export or local units – Export units might be locked on the communication bands, or their ROM OS might be localized and locked to the respective countries.
5) Screen condition – No one wants a unit with scratched screen or units with dead pixels.
6) Other standard factors such as age, specifications, usage hours, working condition plays a part as well.

For devices such as laptops & PCs, factors that will affect value by a large extent:
1) External Condition – No one wants a dented or heavily used device.
2) Battery Condition – Applicable for Laptops only. A laptop with built in battery will not be useful.
3) Keyboard language – Singapore uses US localized keyboard layouts. Keyboard layouts from other countries which does not use US layout will affect the price.

TIPS: For tablets or Smartphones, there is typically a larger price depreciation after 6 months. If your purchased device is within 6 months, do remember to bring down your purchase invoice with complete box and accessories to get a higher price valuation.

4. How do I get my devices valuated? Can I do it without visiting the participating outlets?

YES! Just take 5 minutes to fill in the form below. We will send you an estimated quotation within 24 hours! If you did not receive the quotation, please do remember to check your SPAM folders. You may email us at samsung.tab.s3@pcdreams.com.sg if you still can’t find our quotation.

5. Can I trade in a faulty device?

YES! Absolutely!, as long as it is a laptop, PC (non DIY), AiO, Smartphone or tablet, you still be guaranteed a minimum $100 Samsung overtrade voucher to offset your Samsung Tab S3 purchase!

6. How does the Trade up to $1100 works?

As seen in our trade in price table, the higher possible prices of i7 6th gen is $1000. With additional $100 Samsung Overtrade voucher, you get a max $1100 trade in value!

7. Which are the devices that can fetch up to $1100 value?

These are typically higher laptops of 5th or 6th gen such as MSI gaming, Asus ROG, Razer, Dell XPS, Alienware, HP Spectre, Macbook Pro 15 retina from 2014 onwards, just to name a few. In fact certain models can fetch up to $2000! For eaach of our past campaigns, there will be a handful of models which will fetch from $1500-$2000 region! 🙂

8. Which are the android devices that can fetch up to $700?

Listing out some models with good value (Price valid till 15 Jul 2017):
1) Samsung S8 – $650-$800.
2) S8+ – $700-$900.
3) S7 edge, $500-$650.
4) Sony XZ Premium $550 – $700.
5) Huawei P10 Plus – $600-$750.
You might have a contracted low price phone of the above models which you like to trade up to a Tab S3. 🙂

9. What happens to the data of my device after I trade in? Do you ensure that all data is fully erased?

YES! All our traded in devices will have their data fully erased by our service arm, Digital Hospital. Digital Hospital is an ISO 9001:2015 certified entity for data processing equipment. It is under our ISO process to ensure that all data are fully erased and unrecoverable for all traded in devices.
We only provide data erasure for Laptops, PCs, Smartphone and tablets.

10. What will you do to my traded in device?

We have several downstreams to channel the devices to. Items will no commercial value will either be recycled or donated. We are currently working with Charities such as DOT (Daughters of Tomorrow) and also with ITE to help out students who need such devices.
Items with commercial value with go through our full data erasure and refurbished cycle. These devices will eventually be sold as pre-owned items for reuse in markets such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos or Vietnam.

11. Where can I send my device do the trade in?

We will recommend you to get a pre-quotation from us by filling up the form below. We will reply within 24 hours. The locations that participate in this program will be updated in our reply email. Do note that not ALL locations are doing this program. We are now working hard to get all the locations from all resellers to get onboard. Do wait for our reply email for the confirmed addresses!

12. Can I trade in multiple devices?

Yes. Absolutely! However, the Samsung $100 overtrade voucher cannot be stacked. Each voucher can only be used for 1 single purchase of Samsung Tab S3.

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