Runtime Error 13 is a type of error that is mismatched. The error occurs when one or more files needed to support a program suffer with problems such as damage or corruption, or if they get misplaced by the computer. The error is often associated with programs that use the Visual Basic Environment. Further, the error also occurs when attempts are made to access Microsoft Excel 2002. Usually when a function using macro or the macro itself is accessed and there’s error, this message will appear:

“Run-time error:’13′ Type Mismatch”

What Is The Runtime 13 Error?

Runtime Error 13, as the name implies, happens during “run time”. This means that the problem will show itself as you try to access a certain function or application. While runtime errors may seem confusing or vague at times, their primary cause is the mismatches of components in different applications or programs. Other causes of the problem include: errors in the registry, issues with Microsoft Office, an out-dated version of Windows System, and infection from spyware and the like. There are several ways to fix the issue and these are provided in the succeeding sections.

One of the main causes of the problem is an out-dated Windows system. When the system is out of date, it loses the ability to support programs and process the needed components. It can no longer keep up with the changing demands of the user. Thus, it’s only necessary to update Windows. To do this, go to Start, choose All Programs and find the Windows Update option. Download all the required updates and upgrade the system to its latest version. Follow instructions carefully to avoid any problems. If this procedure did not resolve the problem then it may be best to try other solutions.

How To Fix Runtime Error 13

You can try to change the registry key for the relevant file if you are confident to do so. To do this procedure, go to Start and the choose Run. Inside the window that is displayed, type in “regedit“. Locate and then choose this registry key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice11.0Outlo okSecurity.

Once the registry key is located, scan the window and then choose Edit from the Menu. Select New and then choose DWORD Value from the selection. In the new value option, type in “AllowOMWithUI” and then choose enter. Afterwards, select AllowOMWithUI and then right click on it. Choose Modify and type in the number 1 in the given box for the value data. Click Ok and then exit the file menu to close the Registry Editor Window. The computer must then be restarted to complete the procedure.

It’s highly recommended that you also use a registry cleaner to scan through your PC & fix any of the problems that are inside. You can use “Frontline Registry Cleaner” to do this – a piece of software that’s been created by established developers to fix any of the damaged settings or problems which are inside the registry database of your computer.

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