Rolling briefcases are cases that remain equipped with wheels. The wheels facilitate the briefcases to be rolled to places by the person carrying them. This has multiple uses. The first and the most important of the uses is that it helps in preventing any kind of damage to the human vertebra. Burdens carried for long o the back have a detrimental effect on the bones. Musculoskeletal disorders are also very common in people who carry loads for long time. Pulling a rolling briefcase does not put any pressure on the human spine as the weight is placed on the wheels and the load gets distributed making it easy to pull the heavy weight.

Mezzi traveller has introduced black Aluminium roller laptop cases that are affordable and help to carry laptops easily. The rolling laptop briefcase has been designed keeping in mind the need of the executive travellers in mind. The laptop briefcase is spacious and well protected. The heavy duty briefcase is tastefully designed. The top panel of the laptop briefcase features a spacious laptop section that can accommodate a screen size of eighteen inches. The bottom of the laptop briefcase has been tailor made to help the business traveller keep his other business related documents within the briefcase.

A variety of designs are found in the market. Some have a stylish modern design that is a simple transformation of the common briefcases in to roller suitcases. The interiors remain padded with nylon material that keeps the laptop safe from any damage. Inner straps have wider grip so that the laptop remains held at the right place. Sections are drawn with Velcro dividers and separate straps are provided for each section. This keeps all the materials from getting displaced and damaged. The divider par can be removed to accommodate larger files. The laptop briefcases have ergonomic and comfortable shoulder straps that can be separated to carry the briefcase with the help of their handles. The rollers too are lightweight and can be detached according to their use. The more stylish tailor made bags are handy and have a dust protective surface that keeps the covers clean with the least maintenance. The covers are also water proof and do not allow water to seep in to the electronic good kept inside.

There are other laptop roller briefcases that have been customized specially for the female executives. The briefcases have been made light weight as well as stylish.

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