You may have come across many revenue sharing companies as you have surfed and searched for various ways to make money online. To be honest revenue sharing isn’t anything new and companies have come and gone. A variety of business models all using revenue sharing in their various forms. It seems logical for businesses to move onto the digital platform as we become more of a global digital community.

I guess you could argue the different sides of the spectrum which is better, the advantages, disadvantages and the list goes on.

Revenue sharing companies seemed to have popped up more in the later end of 2015 and early 2016. The attraction seems to be growing, and I have seen some revenue sharing companies grow in front of my eyes. This has had some good outcomes and highlighted some things that need to have been placed at the beginning rather than adding them as you go along. I guess sometimes that’s how we learn, we could theorize all we want but would never know until we actually do it.

Some companies have seen and witnessed the growth and seen the potential market and brought out there various models.

Many revenue sharing companies have seen the massive potential in growth of global advertising industry. If you think it was worth $495 Billion in 2007 and now estimated to be worth over $660 Billion dollars as we move through 2016 (Figures from, it seems to make more sense. Advertising just seems to have gone to another level. It has become our subconscious companion wherever we go. It is quite remarkable if you think how it has evolved in a very short space of time and who knows where it is going to be in the next few years.

One of the great things that I have to say, I like, is that many people across the globe who are starting to make an income from this industry via the various platforms.

Many places in the world where there has been restricted access, now people who have a device with internet, whether that be a laptop, tablet or even a phone, it has become extremely easy and accessible.

I am not saying that every revenue sharing company or programmes are fantastic.

I am sure you will do your due diligence. Sometimes revenue sharing programmes give the impression of some phenomenal income, it may be true in some parts but they will be expecting you to part with a phenomenal part of your income.

A revenue sharing company can only share revenue when it makes sales on it products and services. I have to point out that a product and services is a must, as how could we share revenue with a programme that has no product or service.

You may be wondering why I am saying this but there are some programmes out there. I have learnt over the years that by doing your homework really does pay off. You have to look at both sides of the story and put our emotions to the side and go with the facts. I know some colleagues have gone as far as to meet the CEO and I have asked them was that a little extreme. They have replied that there is so much you can learn and know by looking a person straight in the eye when they speak. I thought about it, and it did make sense. I am not endorsing that any revenue sharing programme you wish to research, is that you jump on a plane and meet the CEO, it is something I wanted to share.

The beauty of revenue sharing programmes is that many people can make an income online by purchasing products and services that generate sales and that’s it.

Some people like to build teams or find referrals. The terminology basically someone you referred or introduced and it is possible to earn a commission on their purchases of any given product or service. Many programmes allow you to earn commission on your first level, so people who you personally introduced yourself.

Some revenue sharing programmes offer many levels, the most I have come across is 10 levels deep, which is amazing, it maybe only 1% of the purchase of the product or service but it soon mounts up.

Especially when it comes to advertising and the internet is the place to be to get exposure of your own businesses or if you are an affiliate of these revenue sharing programmes, it does start to get exciting once you have found a genuine programme.

You are not going to become a millionaire overnight but an additional income stream is always useful even if it means you can take your family for a beautiful meal or purchase that extra thing you wanted.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and found it useful, I shall be posting more articles and share my journey with you.

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