It happened to a friend sometime ago. On a weekend she was busy laundering clothes and as she was putting the soiled clothes into the washing machine her iPhone rang. She picked up the phone lying on a nearby table and received the call. While doing this the lid of the washing machine was left open. Now, while speaking on the phone she decided to continue with her laundering task and walked back to the laundering gadget. By stroke of sheer misfortune, the mobile accidentally got dropped into the drum of the washing machine.

Fast Turn-Off and Slow Turn-On

Now, an iPhone is undeniably an expensive gadget and a tragedy like this is definitely most unwelcome. What is the best remedy to overcome such circumstance? Simply take out the handset from water as fast as possible. The longer time it remains under water the greater is the probability of water clogging up its circuit. The next step is to turn off the power to avoid short-circuit. At times, iPhones behave in unruly manner and one has to opt for a forced shutdown. Just hold the lock button and the home button simultaneously for 5 seconds and the device shuts down.

After shutting down the gadget, just dismantle it quickly. As removing the battery or the memory chip is not possible with an iPhone, just takeout the memory chip. Drain out as much water as possible by just tilting it, shaking it, blowing air on it and of course do not miss out on using a dry piece of cloth to mop the interiors dry. Leave it open so that air can circulate through. Just do not care to turn it on immediately. After the device has been dried thoroughly and that takes hours at a stretch if not more – reassemble it and turn it on.

Ready Business on Offer

However, in a recent development, a range of websites is offering lucrative deals straight to users on their used and damaged electronic gadgets like iPhones. These businesses readily accept iPads, tabs, Smartphone, cellular devices and other handheld communication devices. Gadgets that are broken, damaged and irreparable are accepted as well. The range of businesses, who buys the broken iPhones and other similar gadgets, salvages any reusable component and uses the same to repair other similar devices.

Convenient and Secure

Dealing with these businesses is even easier. One just requires logging into the websites and finding one’s device there. After identifying one’s gadget one requires mentioning its condition in a few words. One gets excellent offers on one’s damaged electronic gadgets from these businesses. As soon as a deal is closed, the user receives especial shipping kit. As such, users do not require paying from their pockets to foot the shipping cost. Money is paid either through online PayPal transaction, conventional bank cheque or Amazon gift voucher, according to a user’s convenience. These businesses execute a thorough data wiping procedure on every device they receive to ensure any data that is stored inside never gets into wrong hands.

Considering all these factors, it is obvious that business for these commercial enterprises is flowing in from all directions.