A refrigerator, when working the way it should, is a quiet appliance. That is if you do not consider the usual gentle humming sound that it emanates to assure you that it is hale and hearty. But when your refrigerator croaks, groans, creaks, and generally is a noisy nuisance, then you should immediately call a professional repair service provider to check what is wrong and fix it right away. Call a BBB-accredited professional appliance repair company to ensure that the job is done right, right at the first time and without any inconvenience to you. Meanwhile, here are certain noises that your refrigerator shouldn’t be making.

Noises from Inside the Refrigerator

If the source of the noise is from somewhere inside the refrigerator, then the fans of the appliance, the self defrosting type, are most likely at fault. Self defrosting refrigerators use fans to circulate cold air to its various parts including the freezer. This fan may however, be located at various positions inside the refrigerator depending on the make.

So, if you are really in the do-it-yourself mood and are adamant to get to the bottom of things, here’s where you can find the fan. If the freezer is on the left side of the refrigerator then the fan will most likely be on the upper part of the back wall. If the freezer is at the bottom, then the fan will be on the back wall and at the same level with the uppermost edge of the freezer. And if the freezer is somewhere towards the top, the fan will be on the back wall and in line with the top, center, or bottom-most parts of the freezer.

Now that you have a fair idea of where the fan might be located inside your refrigerator, open the freezer compartment and try switching on or off the light and fan switches. If, as a result, the noise from the fan intensifies, you can be sure that a faulty fan motor is the culprit. Lubricating or some quick fixing may do the trick but call a professional repair service provider to carry out what’s necessary.

If the noise from inside the refrigerator is emanating from the food compartment, then a malfunctioning defrost timer is usually at work. You can replace the defrost timer yourself but only after you have gone through the owner’s manual. Else call a professional and rest easy in a job well done.

Noises from the Bottom of the Refrigerator

It is most likely an improperly aligned drain pan that is causing a rattling sound from the bottom of the refrigerator. Check the placement and if needed, tape it securely in place so that there are no more disturbing sounds.

Noises from the Back of the Refrigerator

When your refrigerator is croaking and groaning and the source of the sounds are somewhere from the back, you may either be saddled with a damaged compressor or a malfunctioning condenser fan. A faulty compressor usually makes louder-than-usual noises. Sometimes repairing it restores it to functional order while at other times, it needs to be replaced. Let a BBB-accredited professional repairman take a call on this. This is what they do, they know you have other things to do. A noisy refrigerator is not only annoying, it is embarrassing of guests come over.

The condenser fan, malfunctioning though it may be, will probably be a less tricky customer. Usually dust and dirt-clogged fan blades prevent the device from working to its optimal capacity leading to the noises. In such cases, first unplug the refrigerator, remove the panel encasing the fan, and give the blades a thorough scrub. But if the cause of the noise is not dirt-clogged fan blades, then the fan motor might need to be replaced or repaired.