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Our spa package if you repair your laptop with us

Save Your Laptop Before It’s Too Late!

Spilt water on your laptop? Laptop won’t turn on? Get your laptop repaired with PC Dreams (MSI’s Official Service Centre)!


Singapore’s Biggest Laptop Hub

Our retail brand partners include: Asus, Acer, MSI, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, Razer, Steelseries and many more. Be assured that we only use genuine parts for refurbishing.

Get a Quote From Us Within 24 Hours!

We understand that time is precious for you, therefore we aim to save everyone’s time by getting back to you as quickly as possible.

3 Months (90 days) Warranty From Repair Date

We have a stringent repair process that enables major partners such as MSI to trust us as their official service centre.

Over 9+ Years of experience

Our service professionals are highly trained and are able to diagnose your problems quickly.

Data Security

Our experts take extra steps to ensure that your data is safe with us throughout the repair process

No hidden charges

Our charges are upfront. No adding in of additional charges without approval from our clients.

3 Months (90 days) Warranty From Repair Date

We have a stringent repair process that enables major partners such as MSI to trust us as their official service centre.

Free services provided

Get these services at no charge at all Free services we provide include checking for faulty adaptor , replace worn out screws and a thorough surface diagnosis.


Does your laptop feel hot or is your laptop lagging?
If yes, your laptop might require a maintenance from our “spa”

Here’s what our “Spa” does for your laptop :

  • Fan cleaning and oiling
  • Vacuuming of dust in the laptop and keyboard
  • Reapply thermal paste on the CPU and GPU (if available)
  • Cleaning of Keyboard
  • General Cleaning of Whole laptop
  • Harddisk and RAM test
  • Burn in test to check the operating temperatures of the unit


Stop the Lag for only $120!


Submit Online Form

Do ensure that the correct details of the laptop are on the form so that we can give you a more accurate quote!

Get An Email Quote within 24 hours

An email will be dispatched to the email address you specified when you signed up with us.

Drop off your laptop with us

Visit any of our 4 convenient locations to drop off your laptop with us. Our experts will do a quick diagnosis to check the condition of the laptop.

Get Cash Or Upgrade To A New Laptop

You can choose to get cash for your laptop or choose to upgrade to a refurbished/new laptop.



Here are some of the major partners that trust and work with us.


What type of warranty do you provide on your repair work?

We are certain that your laptop is fully repaired before leaving our hands however , just in case something goes wrong we provide a warranty for 90 days.

Where and when would the transaction take place?

We have 4 convenient locations for you to choose from! Head down to any of our showrooms and our professional staff will attend to you.

It has been 24 hours , why hasn't my quote arrived?

Our working hours are from 10am-8pm. If you’ve submitted after working hours , please do allow 1 working day for us to contact you.

How long will the repair take?

It depends on the severity of your laptop’s condition. It usually takes us between 2-3 days of waiting time to fix your laptop. Do enquire in-store for a more accurate timeline.

Is my personal data safe?

PC Dreams knows that building trust is difficult in the computer repair industry which is why we’re proud to say that we can backup what we say with more than just words , We are MSI’s official service centre and we have reviews from our customers on Facebook as well as HWZ.

Will I get charged for a diagnosis?

If our professionals do not fix or repair your computer , there will be no charges at all. We will only charge you if you have agreed to the price/work to be done and our professionals have performed the work agreed.

About Us

Founded in 2005, PC Dreams is the laptop reseller, laptop trade-in vendor and repairer headquartered in Singapore. Focusing on the mass personal computer market, PC Dreams strives to provide consumers with the most affordable and cost effective way of computing while being mindful of the environment and to reduce the technological waste. PC Dreams is committed to offering customers with a quick and easy way for the full spectrum of laptop-related services. From a humble beginning of an online reseller, PC Dreams has grown her business network extensively over the years.
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