The iPad is one of the most popular products from the Apple family. There is an iPad craze going around every country where it is available. If you plan on getting one, you want it to be protected and make sure that it is covered against accidental damages and manufacturing problems.

Protecting your iPad is easy when you know what to get. Reading blogs, forums and review sites about iPad protection will lead you to several warranty service providers for your iPad. It is advisable to compare each one and focus on three factors – coverage, claim process and price. These three are the most important and a good warranty service provider can give you the best offer in these areas.

Here is a comparison between two warranty service providers, AppleCare and Squaretrade, for you to have an idea on what to look for in protecting your iPad. For

AppleCare Protection Plan

Price per year – $99

Coverage – manufacturing defect only, software problems

Claiming process – by phone or appointment at authorized Apple Store

Squaretrade Warranty

Price per year – $48

Coverage – 1st and 2nd year drop and spills, normal issues like battery no longer charging, broken screen and the likes. No coverage for lost or stolen iPad but you can always cancel your warranty and get a refund based on the remaining months of the warranty service.

Claiming process – online or through phone. You also get a 5 day service guarantee wherein you get your iPad fixed and shipped back within 5 days or you get your money back.

Squaretrade also has iPad Warranty insurance backing underwritten by Wesco Insurance Company rated excellent by A.M. Best. They also offer free prepaid UPS shipping to send the iPad to their repair depot. Depending on the problem with your iPad, they can replace it with a new one once it is beyond repair.

Aside from the price, coverage details and claiming process, it is also good to note that Squaretrade has the best customer service support among all warranty service providers. This is very important because most often than not, customer service representatives are rude. They tend to dismiss you even if you are not yet through with your queries. Some even gives you the roundabout just to evade claims and refunds. Reading blogs and review sites will ensure that you are getting the best warranty provider. Checking out warranties to know more about what these warranty providers offer is always a great step to take.

Protecting your iPad is necessary. You wouldn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a gadget without making sure that it will be protected. If you have children around the house, you would definitely need the warranty. Children are now techies and they love to tinker with electronic gadgets but accidents do happen. You can never be too careful with gadgets all around your house. To have peace of mind, get the warranty service that will provide for all your needs whether it is accident related or manufacturer’s defect.

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