Printer is not responding? It is a common problem that many people have dealt with. Although you have followed some guides to troubleshoot it, you might not successfully resolve the problem. This article is to tell the real causes of the “Printer Not Working” problem and how to resolve it for good.

If you plug your printer to a USB port and there is not a green icon showing in the taskbar indicating a device was connected, you can plug it to other ports and see if it is detected. If there is still no icon, it is probably that your USB driver is corrupt or outdated. USB driver is not used by Windows system for recognizing USB devices like printer, scanner, camera and so on.

If it is corrupt or outdated, your system will have difficulty in detecting a device and there will be no any icon shows in the taskbar. That is one of the common causes of “Printer Not Responding” problem. In this case, to fix the problem, you only need to update your USB driver.

In another case, if you get an error message “USB Device Not Recognized” when you attach your printer to your computer, the problem must be caused by the printer driver error. Firstly, you should check if your printer driver is installed properly. Unsuccessful driver installation will lead to your printer not be able to work properly. And if the printer driver is outdated or damaged, your printer will not respond too.

To fix the problem that cause by the driver error, you should check the model of your printer, download and install the latest version on your computer. The printer problems that stem from out-of-date or corrupt driver software can be solved by installing or reinstalling the latest driver.

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