I believe that in certain industries, print will remain strong for several more years but one can’t avoid the transition over to digital entirely. Just like marketing your website presence, you have to adapt to the latest marketing strategies to stay at the forefront, and you need to cover multiple avenues to be successful at reaching your full market target.

The same thing goes for multi-page brochures and catalogs. Adapting your presentation to how your clients access their information is vital to surviving. For those who require catalogs and brochures for their company, it is important to understand how your clients are currently accessing your information and how they may be accessing it in the future, for those companies prepared will be successful. So, it is important to understand the value both print and digital catalogs can offer your clients.

Printed materials still offer some advantages over digital materials. For one thing, when you present someone with a printed catalog or brochure, they are inclined to stop, hold it and look at it. More attention is given to that piece and they are more likely to spend time looking at it. It might even sit on their desk for a couple of days giving you a greater chance of getting your client to look at your catalog and following up with them. When going onto the internet, we already have the mindset to “scan” through everything. According to website marketing statistics, you have 6 seconds to explain to the viewer exactly what you do and why they should choose you. And unless they know that they want to go just to your website to view your catalog, and that they remember your website name, you may end up being part of a list of options between similar companies fighting for your client’s attention. Therefore, you have a better chance of truly grabbing the attention of your customer by giving them a printed catalog or brochure.

However, there are probably lots of companies that offer the same service as you and probably also dropped off a printed catalog, but what will convince them to keep your catalog over theirs is the professional quality, effective layout and clear design value that shows with your catalog. Companies who care about their clients will show it in how they represent their product and service to their client and the client will value the effective design by keeping your catalog.

But that just covers one aspect of reaching your customer. So you have now reached them with visually appealing, informative information through your catalog and now they are ready to use your services. Most people nowadays will likely first go to your website to reaffirm their assessment of your company and then maybe place an order online or contact you at that time. To cover all your bases, you should have a comprehensive digital catalog that reflects your printed catalog. Your digital catalog should be just as informative if not more and should be designed specifically for easy navigation and shopping online.

Digital catalogs have an upside of having no printing costs and being friendlier to the environment. Updates can be made fairly easily and the functionality of your digital catalog can be very efficient and helpful to your client. It is very important to give your digital catalog due diligence in the design and function of it.

What will make you a valuable asset to your customer is showing them how you can meet their needs by offering access to a highly effective printed catalog and efficient and easy to use digital catalog, proving to your client that regardless of how their business functions, you are prepared to accommodate their needs now and in the future.

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