Mobile phones have reached a milestone in the past five years. The other deciding factor in using the mobile phones is the battery back up offered by the mobile and how often it has to be charged. In the beginning stage the mobiles introduced were only the basic models. But nowadays it is in a peak position to meet the modern technologies and trends like 3G, WIFI, camera, bluetooth etc. So the charge bearing capacity of the mobile phones are also being constantly reduced. In order to meet the needs of charging several types of chargers are available. Let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages on using portable chargers and windup chargers for the purpose of charging the mobile phones.

The portable chargers need power supply, which is highly impossible in the conditions of no power or low voltage. This fluctuates the e.m.f of the battery. Since it uses electricity we should be very careful while handling the charger. The safety of the user is not assured in a portable charger. It is also heavier when compared to the wind up charger. The main advantage in using the portable charger is its compatibility. It is compatible with all type of mobile phones. The continuous charging process by using portable charger will result in the replacement of batteries soon.

The windup chargers don’t need any power supply to charge the mobile. The basic principle beyond this charging is energy conversion. It consists of a handle, which needs to be wound. Vigorous rotation of this handle for about 25-30 min will create enough energy to power your mobile. In this process the wind up charger’s prototype uses the stored kinetic energy to fully charge a mobile phone. So it is hundred percent safe when compared to the portable chargers. In this type of charger LED is used to indicate the energy level of the battery. It is light in weight and also compact in nature. The major drawback in using windup charger is its compatibility. It is not compatible with some devices. The energy level is judged by the LED and thus the charging process can be brought to a halt when the mobile is completely charged. This will not require replacement of batteries. The wind up chargers offers the users high reliability and low maintenance cost. Winding the handle to generate electricity makes the awareness to save energy and protect the environment.

The worst thing in the portable charging is passing of high power shock waves at some times. When a user operates the mobile while it is connected to a mains electricity via portable charger, shock waves will be generated and passed through the mobile. Hence the unsafe nature of the portable charger equipment is realised. But in the usage of windup charger the usage of mobiles during charging is highly impossible. Only when the phone is not being used the batteries are charged by turning the handle. The windup charger simply plugs into the phone using a jack plug or other connector whereas the portable charger is directly connected to the terminal of the mobile. The real time application of windup chargers is well known by the sailors. While they are travelling in seas they cannot find any mains electricity to connect their portable charger. At those times a windup charger is used. Therefore the wind up charger can be mounted anywhere in place which is not possible in case of portable chargers.

Thus the usage of a windup charger will be efficient due to its non power consumption and safety. But the performance of portable charger is also not worst. The only deciding factor is safety. For maintaining the world in a eco preserved state it is advisable to use an environmentally friendly charger such as a windup charger. The practical application can be well known only during the emergency situations. Therefore by reducing the usage of mobiles, the amount of charging will also be considerably reduced. By optimising the amount of charging a healthy environment can be maintained.