The Christmas edition of the Desktop Destroyer game is truly far more interesting to play in comparison to the original one. You may play this version too to do away with stress and feel relaxed. Here, the weapons are different. This game is popular as stress reducer that helps people to relieve their stress to a major extent. The primary aim of playing this game is to destroy your computer desktop completely giving it an ugly look.

The maker of the Desktop Destroyer game felt the need to offer game players something unique that could help them get rid of stress arising in their day-to-day life. People get frustrated because of many things and to vent out their anger, they look for sources. Thus, playing this game is indeed a nice way to reduce the stress a bit.

Many circumstances lead to frustration. Take for instance you have a college project open on the computer’s desktop on which you are not able to work properly. Here, to demonstrate your anger over the project, you may just open the Desktop Destroyer Christmas game file and can choose weapons one after the other to destroy your project files on the desktop.

Likewise, there are some people, who strongly dislike a celebrity or known person. You may kick such on-screen characters away while playing the game through use of different weapons. Release all frustrated feelings that you have for any individual and thus, beat stress. In fact, playing this game is just like actually knocking objects that you hate.

You may choose any weapon through numeric 1-9 on the keyboard. Pressing each number gets you each particular weapon. You may begin playing the game depending on the mouse settings (right or left button). People may even switch between weapons using the mouse. As for quitting this game, you merely have to press the ESC button.

If you hate cartoons and movies, then using each weapon from the Desktop Destroyer Christmas game, kick the characters off in no time. Consider playing this game to destroy anything that you do not wish to see on your desktop. Remember that destroying each hateful aspect visually might assist you in getting relief from unwanted stress.

Gemtree Inc. developed this magnificent game as a freeware so it does not require a license. Moreover, it does not hold any limitations. The file size of the game is around 370.03KB. If you want to try out the game, you need to have a Windows operating system.