Every debutante deserves to receive something special. It should be something which will last for years and something she will surely love to have. It has been a trend for the past years to give a handkerchief, picture frame or a stuffed toy to girls turning eighteen, but these are all too common!

What are the hottest, trendiest and best-loved items which every lady would want to have on her birthday? Here are the top five cool stuff which every birthday celebrant would hope to receive as gifts on her eighteenth birthday:

1. Trendy jewelry

A lady would want to look beautiful and without jewelry, her look would not be complete. Buy the trendiest jewelry you can find in stores. If you are on a tight budget but would want her to receive the best gift, you can check out online jewelry stores to find the latest designer-inspired jewelries which you can buy at a much lower cost.

2. Vacation- An all-inclusive trip to the Caribbean is every girl’s wish and giving her the opportunity to sail away and have fun under the sun of the Caribbean is like giving her the moon and making her dream come true.

3. The latest gadget- This can be a cellphone, laptop, mp4 and, of course, the latest craze of the teens, the Wii. If you want the lady t go giddy yap on her special day give her what she truly deserves, give her something she’ll really enjoy. You can shop in your local mall or you can go online and check out the latest gadgets. There are many online shops which can give you discounts.

4. Lacy lingerie- Lingerie is every lady’s necessity and lacy lingerie will surely please her.

5. Gift certificate- Now who does not want a gift check? Give the lady the power to buy whatever she likes! She can shop whenever her heart desires. Every lady is a princess inside who deserves to receive only the best gifts. She will only have her debut once in her lifetime and making it more special by giving her the best gifts would surely make the event more memorable.

These are only some of the best gifts you can give the girl who is about to turn into a lady. This is a very important occasion for her, not only in terms of her physical transformation. It takes a little adjustment to start feeling like a real lady and to help her with that, let her celebrate this day with a smile on her face.

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