Although the notion of the paperless office has been around for a while it is still far from being a reality. The huge success of email has partially replaced fax communication and has helped in a way to get rid of some of the paper. However printer technology and word processing have made it easier than ever to produce enormous amounts of paper in the office.

The net result is that we frequently have documents which exist only on paper and we find ourselves in the situation where we need to fax this document to somebody who does not have a fax machine (but of course has an email)

The obvious solution: scan first the document and email the document as an attached file afterwards.

But in practice we may find a few problems, namely:

a) We don’t have a scanner.

In spite of the popularity of this wonderful device, the number of scanners in the world is still a tenth of the number of fax machines.

b) We do have a scanner but it is not working.

This machine is prone to various malfunctions, being a delicate piece of equipment.

c) We don’t have the faintest idea how to use the scanner.

The use of a scanner is not a difficult task, but for somebody who seldom uses it, it is much easier to use the fax.

There is a very simple solution if we have a fax machine around:

1) Go to http://en.tlfax.com and generate a fax to email coversheet containing the email information in a bidimensional barcode.

2) Print coversheet.

3) Fax document using coversheet as first page to 34-902889998.

Voila! the document will immediately appear as attached file in the email account.

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