Nvidia uses a file called NV4.Disp.dll to maximize the general function of the device for its graphics card drivers. This file will get into an infinite loop once the error brought about by this file on Windows 7 is triggered. As this happens, the “blue screen of death” will show up on your screen, stopping you from using your computer any further. This is a very serious error that should be resolved immediately the moment it manifests as your PC may be severely damaged. Sometimes the harm done by it is beyond repair therefore it is important to take note of the updates that Nvidia is releasing to prevent this issue.

What Causes NV4_Disp.dll Errors?

The driver update issued by Nvidia corrupts various settings and causes numerous conflicts on the system, thus, causing the NV4.Disp.dll errors. As soon as this error occurs, the operating system of your computer will keep on restarting by itself and the alarming blue screen will appear every time the damaged file is run. To be more specific, this error is due to the Nvidia graphics driver that will attempt to load the nv4.disp.dll file in a non-stop loop. Windows cannot read this file properly as it loads continually causing your computer to break down.

How To Fix NV4_Disp.dll Errors On Your PC

Fixing this error entails performance of specific actions that would put an end to the conflicts confusing your operating system. The first step to be done is restarting your PC in safe mode. In order for you to troubleshoot, restart your computer and make use of the Window’s diagnostic mode. In this mode your computer will be prevented from crashing as you try to conduct the necessary steps in repairing your PC. Logging in to Windows Safe Mode can be done by following these steps:

  • Restart your PC
  • Then as the computer is starting, click “F8” key over and over prior to the loading of Windows.
  • Repeat hitting the key up until the “Windows Advanced Options Menu” shows up on your screen.
  • Using the arrow keys, choose “Safe Mode With Networking” from the list that appears and then click “Enter“.

The next critical step is re-installing the Nvidia display device driver which has been identified as the main culprit of this error. To do this, press “Start” followed by clicking “Control Panel” and then go to “Add/Remove Programs”.

A list will appear and you have to select “Nvidia graphics driver”. Then proceed by clicking “Remove” or “Uninstall” depending on your computer’s Window version. Instructions will be displayed and you have to follow and wait until the process is finished. After that, reboot your computer and enter Windows again via the Safe Mode. You need to do a re-installation of the device driver by using the installer CD/DVD or running the downloaded file from the internet. As you do this, your system will have a brand new version of the device driver.

After that, you should unregister the NV4.Disp.dll file from your system. This step will ensure you will stop this error as your computer will not be able to read the file. To begin the process, you must use Windows Command Prompt by clicking “Start” followed by “Run”. A dialogue box will be viewed and you have to type “cmd”. Then you have to type “regsvr32 / u C:WindowsSystem32nv4.disp.dll” in the Command Prompt window and then click “Enter”. This procedure will unregister the file.

The final step is to run a registry cleaning tool. The registry is the central database that stores all the important files, settings, and information that Windows reads in order to run programs. Once damaged or corrupted, it can lead to major problems and errors like the NV4_Disp.dll errors. To completely eliminate this error, use a registry cleaner that will make your computer error-free and function more efficiently.

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