The Notebook Buffer is a really interesting As Seen On TV product because it seems more useful than the campy ad makes it out to be. Don’t get more wrong, the commercial is hilarious as most usually are but we are addressing a topic that a lot of people what answers to. What is the best notebook cooling pad?

First let’s address why we even need one in the first place. The premise is that when using your laptop there is an enormous heat build beneath the unit and this is somehow bad for the computer itself. Some say it makes it have to work harder or the heat from the build up can cause damage to the unit.

I’m not sure I agree because if it were so terrible why would they continue to make laptops with this problem. Interestingly enough it was pointed out to since I’m a PC user that Macs do not have this issue. My laptop has vents on the bottom which apparently allow this heat to build up while Macs have their venting elsewhere. So this may eliminate the need for Mac users to even continuing to read. But, since I’m not a Mac user I cannot really give any solid advice.

What I can say is regardless of how or why, laptops do give off heat and this can become troublesome after extended use. Whether if it’s that it becomes to hot to have on your lap or if it is just worrisome that you are creating allot of excess heat in your workspace, a slew of products have popped up to deal with the issue.

Most notebook cooling pads have fans inside which will attempt to disperse the heat. They usually have USB cables and attach to your laptop as it rests on top. This is all well and good but they only one I ever used broke after a few months.

This is what sparked my interest in the Notebook Buffer. It just looked too good to be true. First it’s very portable. It’s light as a feather and you can fold or roll it up to carry in your laptop bag. The ad suggests you wrap it around your computer when you carry it so it can absorb shock just in case you drop your case or smash it against something.

I don’t bother doing this but it’s definitely possible. The thing I like is that it has no parts. It’s just a simple pad which raises your laptop nearly a half inch off the surface and allows the heat to be dispersed. My personal opinion is that it actually allows the vents on the bottom of my laptop to scoop up cool air and disperse it within the computer itself. I suspect the vents on the bottom of laptops are there for intake and not exhaust. Regardless, heat is building up from somewhere and this will alleviate the problem.

If you use the product you will notice a significant difference but you will still feel some heat underneath the unit. It’s just not as bad. I happen to think the Notebook Buffer is a winner but like I said earlier, if you are a Mac user you might skip this one.


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