If you love fashion and you do not want to dress like everyone else, but at the same time, you want fashions that are going to be trendy, nice looking, and boutique then you will love MYHABIT and Gilt. The only issue you are going to have is which one of these websites is best to use in order to get access to the fashions you want. Let’s see where each one of them stacks up in various categories.

MYHABIT and Gilt when it comes to how good the products are

MYHABIT provides you access to all sorts of luxury items that you are going to enjoy. However, many people have said that when it comes to the quality of the product lines it does not appear to measure up to what Gilt offers. Gilt on the other hand is a website that is well known for providing people with nothing but premium brands and top quality products. The website has exclusive relationships, which means you get access to styles that are going to be tough to find elsewhere.

MYHABIT and Gilt when it comes to the number of items they offer

MYHABIT offers women clothes, men’s clothes, children’s clothes, as well as home lines. Their product line is considered to be a bit smaller when compared to websites that are similar like Gilt. Gilt on the other hand offers men’s products, women’s clothes, children’s clothes, gifts, and other collections. You will find that the categories of products you can select from are very extensive.

How good are the discounts on both websites?

MYHABIT offers discounts that are up to sixty percent off, and this is what is advertised. The discounts they provide seem to be lower than most of the competition. With Gilt the product are very high end and the website says it provides steep discounts on what it sells. When you take a look though you will see that the discounts you get on the website are not as good as they are with MYHABIT or other flash sales websites.

How easy is each website to use?

With MYHABIT you will see that the website is simple to use for the most part. You should have no problems finding what you want and getting to the end of your purchase. The only knock is that the website layout does not seem to be as nice looking as other websites in order to provide users with the luxury experience they might get when they use similar websites. With Gilt, you are getting a very nice layout that provides really user-friendly attributes. Gilt wins the battle when it comes to shopping experience.

How good is the customer service for both websites?

Seeing as how Amazon owns MYHABIT you will find that the quality of customer service you get is on par with what you would get if you used Amazon. Shipping is free both ways, and you are going to benefit from the fact that the company is linked to such a well-trusted brand like Amazon. With Gilt the customer service is considered to be great. They really have worked to build a strong reputation and they take care of customer issues fast.

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