We marry, in search of eternal happiness. We expect to be happy always, if we live ethically with Godly principles. It is not universally true. Unfortunately, happiness evades most of the spouses, in spite of the fact that they are faithful to each other, and are devoted lovers. There is the usual honeymoon period, for all of us, followed by a mechanical life, as the intimacy grows, and romance vanishes. We can have eternal happiness if we follow a simple two pronged strategy: first, learn to forgive and forget the hurts caused by the spouse, and second, be flexible and avoid ego clashes over minor issues. Spouses must carry out an internal self-audit of their married life, and take corrective measures.

I have always loved my wife. She is the anchor of my home. She is a selfless, strong-willed, hard working, humane, and talented person.


Her talents: an excellent cook, conducted cooking classes in Indian/ Chinese/Continental foods, sponge cakes and pastries; playing ‘Sitar’, tailoring clothes – stitching/alteration – and doll-making! She has worked as a teacher, and as a beautician.

She loves Pomeranian dogs – Nikki, Fluffy, and now Tessy. She looks after them like a mother.

She has a pot-garden, on first floor, and has planted creepers and trees in and around the house. She has trust deficit in my ability, even to water the plants.

She is one among few of her contemporaries in the family, who drives and gives online orders, on laptop.

My wish: If only she could enjoy ‘Skype’, and e-mailing/Facebook! I could communicate more with her, whenever out of India – of course, subject to her approval.


She is a dedicated housewife, and a selfless mother, who wants to hand over everything to her children during her lifetime, when they need for investment in properties.

She is a devoted daughter, who literally hijacked her parents twice, to look after them: first – her ailing father from Delhi to our earlier home in Dinjan; and second – her sick mother from Ludhiana to our present home in Secunderabad.

A role model of a dedicated, and devoted daughter, who ‘breathes’ grateful memories of her parents!

She is a kind hearted – little short tempered – entrepreneur, employing 8-10 staff – couple of them working for 10-15 years. Thus she earns, even when on vacations, as the beauty parlor keeps running.


Unlike me, she never procrastinates; her cupboards and the house – excluding my room, and my cupboard – are always neat and tidy. She likes her home to be well decorated, and rightly expects appreciation from friends, and relatives. She is a strong and rigid character, who likes to adhere to her ideas/solutions.


She has her whims and fancies: only I-Max theatre for movies due to its open ambience; her choice vegetable shop, and dry ration shop, keep changing. I like an adaptable husband, follow her guidelines, as gospel truth, for harmony and romance in our life.

She had high expectations in life from her spouse. I am below her expectations. It keeps me on my toes, and motivates me to keep improving myself to meet the benchmark set by her, for harmony in her life – the ultimate goal of my life.

A humane personality, but still a human being, who can’t forgive and forget, any hurt, from anybody!

If she develops ‘dislike’ towards an individual, she will cold-shoulder him/her for rest of his/her life; and finally discard the individual from her thoughts.

She is a modern woman, who lives feminism, in that she has her own identity, and is self-reliant – financially, socially and emotionally. Thank you for being my life-partner.