Anyone who has an interest in the internet and many others have heard of blogs and how popular they are now in the 21st century. Many everyday folks use them as a form of communication with friends and family some even use it as a platform to criticize and create interest in certain topics.

However very few people think it is possible to monetize their blogs, which is a bit short sighted as there are many ways of doing this especially if you have a wide and varied reader base. The most important aspect if you are to monetize your blog is to ensure there is a prominent opt-in box so you can capture email addresses and names to create your list. To do this you need to have a free lucrative offer to entice them, note there is nothing wrong with having an opt-in box on each and every page of your blog. this is a very important aspect because every marketer knows how important repeat business is for a business.

Now you need to get content, this can be from offers from affiliate programs – create a new page for each offer you sign up for. The content for your pages can be sourced from the sales page of your offer and most times the affiliate product has banner ads to assist you, you can use other people’s articles to help with content remembering you need to leave the author bio line intact. If you have any images it always helps to have an image or two to break up the page and can also have the image linked to the affiliate product. Then place a link to the sales page of the affiliate product using the hoplink you created at the time. You can even look at places like, and where you can hire people for a very low cost and get them to create content exclusively for you. You will be amazed at how little it will cost you.

Also register as an eBay and Amazon Cloud partner and advertise relevant products from both these sites on some pages just to break up the momentum a bit.

Then once your blog is established and you have good traffic coming by then you can monetize it further by applying for a Google AdSense account and place Google ads on your blog, and you can also sell advertising space.