As a stylish mobile phone brand, Meizu provides products which not only have excellent industrial design and reliable quality but also closely follow the trend visually, very consistent with the aesthetic tastes of the public. These outstanding features are not only reflected in the Meizu series phones, but also in other peripheral products, such as HD50, EP51, Meizu power bank, and, of course, this freshly released Meizu backpack.

The Overall Design

The Meizu backpack gives us a different first impression and subverts our previous stereotype of a backpack. Its front body is folded from a single piece of precision cutting cloth. Except for the primary storage layer, in the front, there is neither any other form of zipper opening design nor any identification and decoration, giving a feeling of extreme simplicity.

The back adopts black linen, making the surface texture clear, providing high friction and offering a good anti-slip effect. With the 6.5cm thick streamlined part-press shoulder straps, it gives excellent unloading force when carrying goods. Coupled with the cotton filling in the shoulder straps and back cushion, your back and shoulders will feel very soft and comfortable.

Material and Workmanship

The front piece of Oxford cloth is belonging to cation fabric dyeing cloth, using a high-temperature dyeing and excellent post-treatment process, which making the overall texture of fabric very nice and great design sense. In addition, it is added with a PVC coating. So, the front Oxford cloth is not only effectively water-repellent but also more resistant and difficult to pilling.

The top and bottom of the backpack adopt DD leather fabric, which has a very similar color with the Oxford cloth and is coordinated to match. The daily frictions are inevitable, but we have nothing to worry about this point. These two pieces of durable leather can last for at least 5 years since their outstanding abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. And there is printed with a “MEIZU” Logo and a “love for perfection” slogan on the top leather.

As for the details, let’s look at the fasteners and zippers. The Meizu backpack adopts clips from NIFCO, a Japanese leading brand, so that it can withstand the weight of 30-40kg. And with the greatly enhanced resistance to attrition, it is difficult to be pulled off. On the entire outer backpack, there are just two sets of zippers, adopting the anti-loaded zipper technology, which not only makes a more consistent aesthetic appearance but also minimizes the impact of weak waterproofness at the zipper.

Storage Capability

The interior storage space of the Meizu backpack can be roughly divided into three major regions and a total of six storage areas. The first part is independently designed small bag with a zipper, which is used to put the card package, but I think you can put some other small objects, such as keys, eye drops and the like.

Of course, there is a large storage area. And the inner bag storage space is more than twice the general backpack as the backpack body is sheathed structured, and can accommodate more items.


The Meizu backpack is indeed an excellent digital peripheral product with n full technological sense. Of course, I prefer to regard it as a practical backpack for daily use. Minimalist exterior design, comfortable suspension system, high-quality and durable material, reasonable and practical storage space, all this constitutes the Meizu backpack, highly personalized, simple and practical.

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