Headless servers complete tasks not requiring a local user at the console. They run without input/ouput devices – monitor, keyboard and mouse. However users are not exempted from interacting with the servers. At any moment human intervention may be required. Any IT administrator would appreciate having a lightweight external device that provides immediate and convenient access to headless servers. It releases them from the necessity to deal with the clutter of a keyboard and monitor which is inevitable in case of KVM Extenders. A pint-size Epiphan’s KVM2USB does the job perfectly. It is a must-have for the large data centers where maintenance and monitoring are regularly performed.

Good reason to do without KVM Peripherals

Administration of the headless machines can become a problem. Connecting keyboard, mouse and monitor to each of these machines is time consuming. Do you need to deploy headless servers, develop an infrastructure, and perform routine maintenance? Then you can’t do without a portable solution that solves these problems. No KVM Extender will save you from running around with a keyboard, monitor, and mouse when you need to control facilities – from room to room, from server to server… With KVM2USB you are free from worries and excessive job.

It provides keyboard and mouse emulation and displays the VGA stream from any host server on the laptop’s screen. This device is less than 4 inches long and supports multiple VGA modes up to 1280×1024. With KVM2USB you can use a laptop as a replacement for the monitor, mouse, and keyboard. No need to haul around bulky equipment and cables. Connect KVM2USB to the server using PS/2 and VGA ports and then connect it to your laptop’s USB port. The server application will be displayed on the laptop’s screen. You are free to switch between several programs – for taking notes or making screenshots. No additional power is required. If you need to visit your customer’s site to diagnose equipment, take your laptop and KVM2USB – that is all.

KVM2USB and Laptop – Ideal Combination

Due to the advent of headless servers specialists are looking for a rapid reliable solution to manage them in different situations. Users need to make sure the servers can be successfully operated. Without this important step, headless server efforts will be brain dead. For example, a serious disadvantage of a headless server would be when it crashes. Usually it is hard to trace and debug the issue. A workaround to the problem is to run the system with the means of input and output during a test period and use the hardware expected to be run in the system. Due to this approach the hardware can co-exist with the operating system in its role of normal use. KVM to USB provides an easy-to-use and convenient solution for managing headless servers from a laptop. The VGA signal is conveyed to the laptop’s screen. The server is controlled using the laptop’s keyboard and touchpad. Anything you can do standing in front of the server with a local keyboard, mouse, and monitor, is available with KVM2USB – with less efforts and in a comfortable manner.

Cost-effective Solution

KVM2USB can be applied generally in server rooms, assembly lines, and help desks. If you have multiple computers that are used one at a time is a good reason to use KVM to USB. Its benefits are noticeable especially if space is at a premium. It’s a real possibility to cut costs and increase efficiency by eliminating unneeded video monitors mice, and keyboards. KVM2USB supports multiple operating systems and provides high quality resolution. Add a laptop – that’s all you need to perform equipment maintenance at large data centers.

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