Everyone uses can and bottle koozies for keeping beverages cold. Most people have collected several of these koozies in their homes from weddings, picnics and even from their employers since companies have lately started giving away koozies as promotional materials to customers, employees and suppliers. This results in lots of koozies getting collected in homes everywhere. Instead of throwing them away, here is a way in which you could end up making some money with it. Of course, it might not make you rich, but may bring in some extra revenue into your pockets simply by working from home with these used koozies.

Collect all the old koozies that you have in your home and additionally offer to collect old koozies from neighbors and friends. Making use of the cushioning property of these old koozies, you can make small pillows out of them and sell them off at local fairs or on-line for very low cost since your material cost for the stuffing is practically nothing. You may also make stuffed animals such as teddy bears and other such animals for valentine’s day and similar occasions. There may be laws that disallow making toys for children using the material of the koozies as stuffing. But decorative items may fall under a different category. Another item that you can make using koozies as stuffing material is cushions for dinette chairs. By making and selling these items at a low enough price, you may end up making money with these koozies that may have been discarded after use. Additionally, you would be doing the environment a favor by acting green and everyone nowadays is capitalizing on re-using and recycling opportunities.

Once you have developed the process well and have developed a marketing strategy, you might be able to contact some of the koozies making companies and ask them if they will give you their koozies that have been rejected for quality control reasons and instead of throwing them away, they may be willing to have you take them away and thus you would end up with a steady flow of cheap raw material for your product. So there you are with a new idea that you can capitalize on using old can and bottle koozies and making money right from home.

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