Making long distance calls can now be cheap and easy. Magic Jack is available through the official company website or in many stores. In just a matter of minutes after receiving or purchasing your MagicJack, you will be able to install it and begin making calls. If you haven’t bought a MagicJack yet, or are a little confused as to what to do, these instructions will make installing it a breeze.

In the package, you will see that you have the USB device and a USB extension cord. If you have an a/c powered USB hub, you may also use that to plug the device into. I recommend using the a/c powered USB hub if you cannot plug in the magicjack directly into a USB port on your computer. This will help you avoid some problems later on.

After that, all you need to do is to plug your phone line into the device. Wait a few minutes while it automatically downloads the software for you to be able to make phone calls. When it is finished, you’ll see a softphone screen pop up on your computer to help you make phone calls. You may also dial a call by using your phone.

The softphone screen can be used for dialing numbers. It also keeps a log of the numbers you have called, as well as having an address book where you can keep frequently called numbers. It also has send and hang up buttons to push to start and end your calls. You may also start a call by just picking up your phone and dialing, then hanging up when you are finished talking. The softphone screen also has links to click on to access 411 pages, Yahoo, Google and your voice mail. It will also import your favorites from Internet Explorer. The softphone screen can be minimized when you are not using it, but you cannot make it go away, it will always be on your desktop.

If the device is not working perfectly for you, go to the official Magic Jack website and download the magicfix. Your computer will also periodically download updates as they are needed for this internet phone.. Magicfix can also be accessed through a button on your softphone screen.

You can call any landline or cell phone with your magic jack in the United States or Canada, you’re not limited to only calling other magic jack users. You may also pick out any area code you wish, and can change your phone number at any time.

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