If you are getting unknown phone calls, prank calls or just need to find out where someone lives. You can use a look up address by phone number search service and expose any caller. All you need is a full phone number, complete with area code and within just a few minutes you will have all the information you need.

The service you need to do this is called a reverse phone search. By entering any phone number, you can get the persons name, address, city, town, service provider, and a depending on the service you may be able to get a lot more personal information on the caller. Plus, this will work for any type of phone, whether it is unlisted or not.

The only type of phone that I have discovered that doesn’t work 100% of the time is the prepaid over-the-counter cell phones, the type you can buy without giving any of your personal information. However, in some cases, if the person is paid with a credit card their phone ends up in the database anyways.

If you search around, you will find a lot of free services that claim they can do the job, but in most cases this is not so, cell phone records are not public. So to gain access to them you will not pay a small fee. You will have the option to pay a smaller one time fee to perform one search. Or you can select the option for their yearly or lifetime membership. I found this to be a better option, because if you ever need to use the service again, and only pay for the one-time search you will have to pay again. With the yearly option, you will have full access to unlimited, discrete searches for an entire year.

Once you discover how useful the services you will be wanting to run searches on all your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and maybe even your new boyfriend. Another great feature is that you can remove your personal information from the database.

So if you are getting harassing phone calls or need to get the address of your husbands new girlfriend and maybe stop by for a friendly visit, with just a phone number you can get any address. When searching out of service, you will want to stick to one of the top-rated sites because they are not all created equal. So do your homework before joining.

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