Register as PC Dreams Referral

Want to earn cash $100 for every referral you send to us when they buy a laptop from us? Register as a referral of PC Dreams today, start referring and earn CASH everyday!

How it Works

Once you register as a referral, you will be given a referral code, which is also call “promo code”, this promo code is tagged with your name and email and any purchases under that promo code, you will be awarded with $100.00 cash as a referral fee. (Selected laptop models over here.)

Receive Payment Every 2 Weeks

All referral fees will be sent to u via bank transfer or cheque (Your preferred choice) every 2 weeks. 1st week of every month (Transacted on 16th-31st on last month) and 3rd week of the month (transacted on 1st – 15th on that month).

How to Promote

With the promo code, your potential customer will receive freebies or discount prices on the laptops, you can post the promo code in social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or even WhatsApp your friends. You can also email to your friends, share with your colleagues or boss,

They will physically come to our shops and refer to our retail salesperson the promo code and they will be able to get the freebies or discounted price. Once the purchase is done, the promo code will be key-in to our system and our accounts will tabulate the transactions.

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