PC Dreams Outlet

PC Dreams Outlet is an innovative concept started out by PC Dreams to clear off overstock inventory, display units, demonstration, Macbook pro, iPads units from various major brands. All stocks are stringently tested and/or premium refreshed. All products come with the following exciting features:

    • Original manufacturer’s warranty
    • PC Dreams’ Standard Service warranty
    • Original box and accessories (unless otherwise stated)
    • Up to 70% lower than original retail price.

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  Premium Refreshed Gadgets at Great Discounts!

Why should you buy from PC Dreams Outlet? Let us tell you …

LAPTOP REFRESH – Save money while getting your ideal laptop!

The PC Dreams Outlet is proud to present PREMIUM REFRESH. This is an initiative to help you get your dream laptop without breaking the bank. Premium Refresh offers laptops for sale in Singapore, which includes major brands from Apple, Asus, MSI, Lenovo and HP. These laptops such as Apply Macbook Pro, Macbook Air that undergo our highly rigorous and comprehensive REFRESH process. All laptops also come with the full original manufacturer’s warranty. We also provide refurbished iPad & iPhones too!
Check out our Laptop refreshing process here:

Save money and the environment !

Here are the PC Dreams Outlet, we are constantly trying to find ways to reduce our ecological footprint. Buying a laptop from our PREMIUM REFRESH program not only allow you to save money, but it also helps to save our environment. Do the right thing today, for both your wallet and our planet! Get hold of our cheap laptops and tablets in Singapore now! Obtain the maximum benefits!
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