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There is nothing worse than realising that your laptop is broken. You might think that there is nothing you can do but that’s not what we think at the Laptop Hospital. We offer a laptop repair service that deliver fast results and ensures that your machine is back to optimal performance. Our in-house maintenance crew are fully trained to fix whatever the problem is whether you have a AcerAsusLenovo, HP, Dell, Apple Macbook, iphones, ipads and other mobile phones and tablets too!

Our track record is second to none and has allowed us to become one of the top computer repair services in Singapore. As a result of our abilities, we are the extended service warranty provider to several major department stores such as Courts and Challenger as well as the designated Seagate RMA and Data Recovery Centre for Singapore. With such a stellar track record, it makes the Laptop Hospital one of the foremost laptop repair experts in Singapore.

We have now re-brand ourselves as Digital Hospital, conveniently located at Bugis Junction#03-25 (Main Branch), Tampines (East), Woodlands (North), Town (Somerset), Centre (Toa Payoh) and Jurong Point (West).
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Professional Services!

To ensure that your device is back to its best, we look to follow a simple four step process to assess and fix the problem. Having enjoyed such success with our formula, we use this to fix an array of devices aside from laptops such as iPads, iPhones and iMac desktops. No matter what the device is, we are fully dedicated to providing a quick fix for all your problems.

The handover

We know how valuable time can be therefore it only takes a few seconds to get seen by one of our technical experts. When you approach one of our team members, simply hand over your device and fill out the customer service form. Our crew can answer questions you might have and once the form is completed, then it’s off to the diagnostic lab.

Our Diagnostic Lab

When your device reaches the diagnostic lab, our maintenance team takes a good look at the problem and comes up with an assessment. We will then call you within 3 days to let you know of the results and how you would like to proceed with the repairs. After you give us your consent, we then make the repairs needed to get your device back on its feet. Some of the common problems that our diagnostics lab has faced include:

  • Faulty motherboards
  • Screen replacements for laptops, iPhones and iPads
  • Overheating and BSOD (Blue screen of death!)
  • Broken keywords
  • Networking issues and wireless problems
  • HDD replacements
  • Data recovery
  • Virus removal and reformatting
  • Software and Hardware upgrades

Passing the final test

Once we feel that the issue is resolved, our team will it thoroughly just to double check there aren’t any final problems. We perform these tests several times over to ensure that all the repairs are successful and there won’t be any problems in the future. Once we are 100% satisfied with the results, then we will contact you to let you know that everything is now ready to go.

Passing the final test

All that is then left to do is then for you to come and collect your device from the store. We aim to have all our fixed machines ready to pick up as soon as we contact you to minimize any waiting time and that you are fully satisfied with our service.

We are now conveniently located at Bugis Junction, Somerset, Tampines, Toa Payoh, Woodlands and Jurong Point! Check out our locations now @ Our Service Centres!

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