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At the Laptop Exchange, we offer a trading service which allows you to swap your laptop or mobile device for cash or an upgraded model. We specialize in taking in a wide range of pre-owned computers such as laptops, monitors, desktops as well as wireless devices such as tablets and smartphones. After you trade in your device, you can then either collect a cash amount or swap it for a newer model and walk away with your preferred choice.

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Time for a trade

There is going to come a time when you realize that your current laptop is no longer the powerhouse it once was. Rather than forking out hundreds of dollars for something new, our trade-in service offers you the chance to get one last joy out of your current machine. When you come into the store, our experts will have a quick look at the machine and check its condition. After their inspection, they will offer you a cash value for it and give it to you there and then – it really is that simple. It doesn’t matter if you own a HP, Dell or even an iPhone, we take all devices as they come and give you an accurate value of their worth

Second hand, not second best

Aside from taking in second hand laptops, we also offer customers the chance to buy pre-owned device that are still in excellent condition or restored back to their former glory. All the devices that we offer have been checked and tested thoroughly by our in-house experts to ensure that these are some of the best pre-owned laptops for sale in Singapore. We know that it’s not just laptops that go out of fashion so there are also a large variety of second-hand smartphones and tablets available to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you are after a cheap iPad or a high-end Android smartphone, you will be able to find something that meets both your budget and needs.

Not just a one-shop service

The demand for trading in used laptops has exploded in the last few years and that is why you just won’t find us just in one store. Indeed, The Laptop Exchange began a partnership with Courts Singapore to allow users to visit any Courts Megastore and Courts Causeway Point in Singapore and visit one of our kiosks there to enquire about trading in your pre-owned laptop or smartphone. Alongside that, we can be also found at some of Singapore’s leading computing trade shows such as The IT Show, Comex and CEE where we are the official exchange partners of each event.

So rather than letting your old laptops and smartphones waste away on the shelf, bring them into The Laptop Exchange and see how much you could gain from yesteryear’s technology.

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4 Simple Steps to Trade In your Device

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