Members of the Amazon Partner Network can be either APN Consulting Partner or APN Technology Partner. APN Consulting Partners help customers design, architect, build, migrate and manage their workloads and application on Amazon Web Services. Since Amazon Consulting Partners cover a lot of stuff, there is a division of jobs onto System Integrators, Strategic Consultancies, Agencies, Managed Service Providers and Value-Added Resellers. On the journey of becoming Premier Partner every step unlocks new benefits. The first step is registering. That is done completely online and consists of opening APN Partner Profile.

First set of benefits this unlocks are access to APN Portal, APN Webcasts, and various online training and AWS Accreditations that can lead to becoming AWS Certified Partner, as well as few discounts. Requirements to become Standard Partner are APN Program fee, particular amount of AWS Billings based on a three month of average revenue, four AWS Accreditations and two AWS Certifications (Associate level).

Two of four Accreditations need to be Technical Professional and two need to be Business Professional. Benefits that are opened at this step include allowance to use APN logo, company profile on Partner Solutions Finder, access to training funding and APN Marketing Central. Besides this Partner is now eligible for Proof of Concept funding and unlocks number of programs such as AWS Channel Reseller Program or AWS Service Delivery Program.

All benefits given when registered are also included. Next to on the journey is being Advanced Partner and for that AWS Billings need to higher that previous, but APN Program fee is still the same. Six more Technical Professional and Business Professional AWS Accreditations need to be obtained, as well as four TCO and Cloud economics. Getting two more Associate level and two Professional level AWS Certifications are also part of requirements. Meeting every requirement above is worth as, besides Standard tier benefits, gives the opportunity for additional Proof of Concept Funding and for Market Development Funding. Additional programs unlocked are Managed Service Provider Partner Program and AWS Competency Program.

Final goal of journey of APN Consulting Partner is achieving status of Premier Partner. List of requirements is rather long, but at least there is no change in APN Program fee price. At this step company should already be AWS Certified Partner as twenty Technical and Business Professional and eight TCO and Cloud Economics Accreditations are a must, as well as twenty Associate and eight Professional level Certifications.

Audited MSP Program or DevOps Consulting Competency made it to list of requirements, alongside having one AWS Competency. What all this will gives back to Partner is definitely worth it. New APN Premier Partner gets their name up on the list of partners and is named AWS Partner Account Manager and AWS Solutions Architect. All Advanced tier benefits are included and new ones allow AWS Certified Partner to attend two weeks of free AWS Professional Services for qualified enterprise opportunities.

Additionally, new Premier Partner is eligible for additional Market Development Funding, Aws-written case studies and AWS Professional Services Bootcamp training. Journey of Amazon Consulting Partner is definitely not easy and requires quite a lot, but in the end, it gives back a lot and is worth opting to take off on it.