Jeff Herring’s inspirational story about change and eventual success is a timely example for each of us to follow. Regardless of how we perceive the state of the economy right now and regardless of our beliefs, we cannot go wrong by following his example. Although I cannot tell his story as well as he, my goal is to help spread his inspiring message. I feel his inspirational story is an example for all of us to follow during these turbulent times on earth.

About three years ago, Jeff Herring was in a totally different situation. He was going through a divorce and his wife and kids had moved to Atlanta, hundreds of miles away from where he had a thriving marriage and family counseling practice in Tallahassee, Florida. To be with his two kids each weekend, he drove a thousand miles, while closing down his practice in Tallahassee and setting up a new livelihood in Atlanta.

Two years ago on Christmas Eve he found himself in Atlanta with enough money to pay for an inexpensive motel for the night, or to spend on his kids on Christmas day. He chose to sleep in his van and hung out in the motel lounge where he usually stayed. Around one in the morning, while working on his laptop in the lounge, he received an email from a buddy wishing him Merry Christmas. Jeff knew this email held a message for him. It was a sign that God was telling him that He knew Jeff’s life sucked at the moment, but that things would get better soon. (Jeff had created an online product on article marketing and it was beginning to sell…)

Over the next two years, Jeff continued to learn all he could about article marketing and worked on his new business daily. Whether he felt like it or not, he wrote one article every day. Whether he felt like it or not, he gave one weekly teleseminar where he taught others how to market using articles. Over time, he expanded his reach. Who would have known that Jeff was an introvert who also had to teach himself to be outgoing? “Argue for your limitations and you get to keep them,” says Jeff Herring.

Jeff says that you get things done either due to desperation, or inspiration. The desperation pushed him to achieve the results; the inspiration was his kids and the future. He went through a learning curve, made his fair share of mistakes, but now he’s the “go-to” expert in the article marketing field. He also moved from the cheap motel to a 700 square foot apartment and then to a comfortable house. Where he used to drive a thousand miles each weekend, he now enjoys a commute of about seventeen seconds–the time it takes for him to walk from his bedroom down to his office. He supports two households rather comfortably, and he’s expecting his best business year ever this year. Jeff likes to emphasize what’s important by using a quote by Vance Havner: “The vision must be followed by the venturer. It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs.”

Although Jeff’s inspirational story about change is one example of how you can create a new life for yourself regardless of where you are at the moment, the timing is perfect for this now. The time is right to find the niche that most resonates with you and to do the work of your heart. By taking advantage of the urgency of the times, you can get in deeper communication with your inner being, your higher self–which will allow you to touch people in new ways and discover the gifts that only you can provide. Another quote Jeff likes to use is: “When you follow your bliss, doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors, and where there wouldn’t be a door for anyone else.”–Joseph Campbell

Your higher self is your bridge to your higher life plan and to divine plan. And when you follow through daily on your inspiration (as Jeff Herring did), you will access the contribution that only you can fulfill–which is how to create your own inspirational story.

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