It is quick and easy to rent iPads for any occasion; whether it is a trade show, marketing event, presentation, video showing, survey, entertainment, family use, or college classes. With a battery capability of up to 10 hours without recharging, the iPad is a common choice for the businessperson, family, or individual who wants computer capability along with portability.

iPads are available for rent from a number of different sources. Local computer stores, on-line computer marketing companies, technology savvy colleges, libraries, airlines, and private home-based businesses. Each source rents to a targeted population.

On-line computer marketing companies cater to businesses that require large quantities of machines for use at conferences, presentations, and meetings. They also have additional technology available that may be needed, including computers, audience response devises, kiosks, plasma screens, monitors, and projectors.

Local computer stores focus on local personal or group use, with the option of the machines being delivered or picked up on schedule. Rental fees are calculated by the day, week, month, and in some cases, year. They can be leased for a year or up to five years. Fees may include such services as loading of presentations or programs, printing of hard copies, publication of books, content creation, and 2-way radio use.

Libraries may have iPads for checkout to patrons, with books available to download after being checked out. Colleges have them for student use, based upon the technology requirements of specific classes. Airlines provide machines for customer in-flight entertainment. Rental for personal use may simply be to watch a movie, chat with a friend on-line, or take pictures of family members.

The stipulations for rental are as different as the places and people. In nearly all cases, rental requires a name, dates of rental, delivery location, and purpose for which the machine is being used. Charges are based upon the iPad storage capacity, Internet connectivity, length of rental, number of machines, and the distance away from the rental office. There may be a flat fee delivery charge, or the option of direct delivery to a conference site.

Other offers, such as bulk rental discounts, accidental damage insurance, technical assistance, refunds, cancellation policies, and liquidations damages, may be available to the customer for additional fees. On-call options may also be available, with specific equipment being set aside to be delivered only as needed. If the equipment is not needed, the fees are minimal, however, if delivered and used, the cost is comparable to the original rental fee.

iPads come in two basic versions, Wi-Fi only, or Wi-Fi plus 3G. Wi-Fi capabilities require connection with Internet hot spots. Those with 3G are able to connect to cell phone towers for Internet connection. The 3G connection is for a specific company arranged by prior payment. Memory size differences are also available, including 16, 32, and 64 gigabytes. Each size comes with either version of Internet connectivity.

Rather than purchasing, rent iPads for business or personal use. They are light, thin, capable of connecting with the Internet in more locations than other computer equipment, and provide a host of applications at the touch of a fingertip.