IT Asset Management

Trade-in, Recycle & Deposition

Is your company having old IT assets and concerned about what to do with them? At PC Dreams, we are a professional IT Asset Management company in Singapore that specialises in providing IT asset solutions for you. Assets can be laptops, mobile phones, servers, desktop computers, tablets, ipad and other gadgets.

You can trade-in your IT asset for cash, choose to recycle them or even appoint us to dispose the IT asset safely.

Trade-In for Cash

If your IT assets and devices are in a reasonable condition, there is a certain value that you will be able to trade-in for cash, our professional evaluator will send you a detailed quote or bulk quotation on the value of your IT assets that you would like to trade-in and once you agree on the prices, our service personnel will come to your office and collect your items.

Our service team will double check the conditions of your IT assets and once we have confirmed the value and conditions of the items.  We will inform our accounts department to send you the payment within 10 days of approval. Your old IT assets will go through a strict data erase process based on ISO27001 standard and all devices that are in working conditions will be sold in the 2nd hand market.


If your IT assets are very old and if you believe you can help the planet earth by recycling some of the devices, you can approach us to help in the recycling process. Not all IT assets like laptops, mobile phones are in good conditions to be traded-in and resold. Many are old models or in a condition wherebysuch items are torn apart for the usage of other devices with similar models. For example, some of the RAM in the computer is still able to be used for other computers and many of the old computers that are still usable but with little value will be donated to charity or organization that needs basic devices.


If you have spoiled or super old IT assets that need to be disposed of, we can also help you to dispose of them professionally, We will help you to erase all your existing data under the strict ISO 27001 procedure. After which all the items will be scrapped and disposed of professionally.

  • Erased your data professionally
  • Strict ISO 27001 process 
  • Trade-in, Recycle or Disposition
  • Largest Trade-in vendor in Singapore (Consumer)

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