When tablets and iPads appeared about two years ago everyone thought that the laptop and maybe even the desktop would go the way of the dinosaur. This has not been the case. They are still alive and well. When real work has to get done we seem to be using our laptops and our desktops. This is not to say that tablets are not good for when are on the go; however, we have found that they are limited in function.

In the beginning of the article I should’ve stated that I am talking about business use. For personal use tablets and iPads might be all that we would need. A lot depends on the apps of course. Just recently Microsoft released its new version of Office. With this new version they have added features to their free Office and many other features to their paid Office. Most people would probably get along fine with the free Office version. You would; however, need to make sure that you have a secure cloud storage with enough space.

So what has gone wrong with tablets and iPads as far as business use is concerned. I think it’s what we’re used to and our habits. We’re used to working with a screen where we can see the whole document. Take Word for example, with the size of monitors these days when you open Word you can see the whole document that you’re working on at one time. On a tablet you would have to scroll up and down and maybe even side to side to see all of the document that you’re working on. Making corrections on a document is much easier on a laptop or desktop then it is on a tablet.

The tablet was going to be a laptop killer; however, with a laptop you’re able to do many more things than you can on a tablet. Most of it is storage locally and screen size. Also with the laptop you can plug it into a docking station which will give you an even larger monitor and other features such as backup storage, CD and DVD storage and other options not available for tablets.

This is not to say that tablets have not hurt laptop and desktop sales, they have. Instead of folding, many manufacturers are adding must-have features to laptops. As many of our children head to college a laptop will be one of the items they have with them.

As technology advances laptops may well indeed die off.

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