Palm Pilots were kind of the “smart phone” a decade ago. Although they did not have phone capabilities, they still have a variety of applications that people used and took around with them at all times. Today the old palm pilots are a completely dead market because there are so many devices now that can do the same things and more. But since they are extremely cheap used, you still can purchase one and use it for a few practical applications.

A used one won’t be any more than $40 used. It’s a device that has ten of thousands of practical applications that gets a good 12 hours of battery life. What can you do with it?

Turn the old palm pilot into an eBook reader. There are many applications that can convert documents from your desktop to palm format. You can also put PDFs onto the palm pilot to read from. With thousands of free out of print books and many PDFs on the internet, this old palm pilot can become a portable book reader.

Many of those cell phone games that normally cost quite a bit of money are free for this device. Put more than a few games on it and carry it around for those down moments without having to use your cell phone battery.

The calendar and task manager is still pretty good software. While some might do this with their phones now, the capabilities of doing it with your palm pilot still work pretty well for those who might not have a smart phone that can perform these functions.

While it is a dead platform, there is still plenty that one can do with a device like this.

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