What exactly is the reasoning behind why they are so sought after? Well, for one they come in alluring colors and patterns, are affordable, easy to take care of and due to the materials used in an authentic kilim rug they are a great choice for anyone that suffers from allergies. The flat styling allows them to work great in any space as well.

Where to Place Kilim or Flat-Weave Rugs

When choosing a room for a new kilim rug, consider how it will bring everything together. Existing décor should definitely be examined before choosing the right size and pattern. Measure the area and consider sliding it under furnishings to make it more “incorporated.”

Colors that are fun, have crazy patterns and welcoming textures are perfect anywhere. Some prefer to place them in a child’s room as they will absolutely love them. They also come in very soft options so they can play on them comfortably. The flat weave makes it easier for placing furniture on, or moving things across it. It’s also less dangerous as it won’t cause them to trip and fall.

Further, cleaning a kilim rug is much easier than with other types as they can be washed with just soap and water. However, it’s advisable that they only be spot cleaned, and then professionally cleaned once or twice year.

In the dining room, a flat weave or kilim rug is perfect, as it’s easy to slide chairs in and out from the table. Anyone that’s ever experienced a thick rug in a dining area knows this struggle. A fun way to incorporate is to choose a rug that’s not the same shape as the table.

Getting a Great Price

Truly, online retailers have the best deals on kilim rugs. Although one can’t see the rug until it’s delivered, they can still enlarge the picture on their tablet or laptop and see if it will incorporate well in the room in question. That’s not something one can do at the store! Be sure to check customer reviews, and shipping and return policies before placing an order.

Pattern Options

Since kilim rugs are best known for the striking patterns and bold imprints, they are fun to place in any room for a whole new look. There’s no reason that the floor can’t be a focal point when one is thinking outside the box.

Before choosing the desired pattern, think about the existing style of the room. Stripes are popular for beach-themed and nautical rooms; geometric, bright patterns are great as a bold decorative approach in living spaces; and of course there are many Moroccan prints for an eclectic feel. Regardless, kilim rugs make it easy for a home or business owner to make a statement.

As far as size, a larger rug in perhaps 9×11 or 8×10 will be stunning. One can also use two 5×8 rugs together. Spaces can be made modern and chic or classic and welcoming.

When placing a kilim rug in a bedroom, choose a soft texture that will feel nice when one gets out of bed. This is especially welcoming in cold weather, but either way beats stepping out onto a hard floor first thing in the morning.

No matter what type of kilim is chosen, expect it to be a mainstay in any space for a lifetime, especially when properly cared for.

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