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1. The trade in program is organised and conducted by PC Dreams and not Intel. For eligibility of trade in, please visit or contact us directly at CONTACT US.

2. Terms and Conditions apply. For details on Intel Giveaway Promotion @ IT Show 2016, please visit Intel Singapore Facebook.

3. Services for the Data Solutions Package are provided by Digital Hospital and not Intel. For any query, please visit our service company, Digital Hospital is managed by Laptop General Hospital Pte Ltd.

 4. An Intel-based 2-in-1 device is defined as one that includes full laptop and desired tablet capabilities in a single form factor” with a 10” or larger screen and Win 8 or 8.1 OS.  It can be dual OS, but must at least include Win8 or 8.1.  2 in 1 devices are further categorized in 2 ways, either detachable or convertible. 

Detachable is defined as having a keyboard that

(i) Is engineered as part of overall product design and not an aftermarket accessory

(ii) attaches/detaches to the display mechanically or magnetically.  For example, a MS Surface, and Dell Venue Pro (although OEM brands call it a tablet on their website) does qualify as a 2:1.  While they can be shipped without a keyboard, it is designed and engineered to attach to a keyboard.

Convertible is defined as having a Keyboard permanently & mechanically attached to the display. Hinge flexibility provides for mode change from laptop to tablet and vice versa. 

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