Sometimes you have to look back to move forward. The innovative designs and pastel colors of the 1970s are back, albeit in muted and stylish variants. Contemporary furniture has also seen resurgences of reclaimed wood, mixing and matching of patterns, and the use of simple, soothing colors. Here are some leading trends that find the pulse on modern interior design.

Open up

In this case, the best option is addition by subtraction. First seen in open studios or artists’ lofts, combining rooms by removing barriers is still popular. This can be capitalized on with multifunctional furniture. Examples include end tables that also have charging ports, desks that expand or collapse, and kitchen prep surfaces that can serve as a bar and appetizer hang out when guests arrive. Maximizing space while reducing clutter (without sacrificing functionality) is all the rage in contemporary furniture.

Work and Play

With more time centered around technology for both entertainment and work, having devices nearby is more important than ever. Furthermore, working at home is on the rise. Stand-up desks and chairs with attached laptop supporters are easy ways to integrate accessibility into a classically themed house. TVs require fewer wires and can often be attached to the wall, clearing space. Hiding TVs behind cabinetry or entertainment systems also adds to the sleek, clutter-free ambiance. However, not all technology needs to be hidden, and some can even add to the overall atmosphere. With vinyl experiencing a resurgence, record players and record crates can be a nice nostalgic but functional touch.

A Calming Home

These days, life is hectic, and we are bombarded by information all day long. Is it any wonder that warm, serene colors are back in style? Contemporary furniture is increasingly incorporating solid pastels such as light blues and deep pinks that work together to establish the mood. They are perfect for creating the right tone for at-home yoga, meditation, and pilates. The warmth extends beyond the color palette, as warm metals are experiencing a revival too. Rose gold, polished brass, copper, and gold (in any of its various forms) can brighten up a room as an accent.

A Rough Finish

Of course, too many smooth surfaces and mild colors and the home will start to resemble a spaceship. This is why using reclaimed wood in contemporary furniture is a style that is here to stay. The texture, color, and finish help to offset the modern look of the other pieces. In fact, rough wood or battered leather can help draw out the warmth of the other pieces. Barn doors, driftwood fashioned into shelving, and coffee tables with unique patterns are all excellent options to provide contrast.

These trends add functionality, serenity, and versatility to a space of any size. While the look is reminiscent of the 1970s, the incorporation of technology and new twists on color make it purely modern.

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