Do you have a cell phone? Of course, what am I thinking? Everyone seems to have eliminated the use of a land line and resort to using a cell phone. Mobile phones have their pros and cons like everything else. My favorite con is that people feel they can reach you whenever they want. My favorite pro is having it if my car breaks down on the side of the road or in cases of emergencies. I think that starts off as the main reason anyone gets a cell phone. Now that we can do anything on our phones, the initial purpose for a mobile phone is lost. So let’s say your car does break down. More than likely the first person you’re going to call is a tow truck.

In cases of extreme accidents, it’s probably better to call heavy duty wreckers who are used to extremities. When you work in a profession using hefty vehicles, like garbage trucks or hauling trailers, you have the towing company on speed dial just in case. They handle medium to heavy truck sizes to recover. If you’re lucky your heavy duty towing company will provide equipment for you too, such has flatbeds, landoll sliding axle trailers, or roll back trucks. For semi-trucks driving overnight to make their next destination on-time, they need to know there are wreckers who are available 24 hours. Getting in a predicament that could make you late makes the chest heavy and evokes panic. We all know freaking out doesn’t do any good. Therefore, knowing there’s a good wrecker around will calm your nerves.

Towing and transportation are similar. How useful would it be to have a wrecker and transportation services via the same company? Trucking needs can include vans, double drops, flatbeds, heated covered wagons, and more. Your loads can be as heavy as hauling machinery or to as simple as transporting air handling units. Another good reason for having a cell phone on-site construction jobs is in case you need extra hauling trailers, you know where to call. When you’re on the road and need a repair for your truck or semi, heavy duty wreckers are there for jump starts, tow starts even frozen air or brake service. Having poor brakes is not a good situation for the driver or any other vehicle on the same road. If you’re continuously working with larger trucks, for emergency purposes, keep a wrecker’s number in your cell phone. After all, you make need it one the job.

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