How is HP Laptop Charger Important?

If you have a HP laptop, then you must be having a HP laptop charger which provides necessary charging to your laptop whenever you are taking your laptop out. Your charger keeps the batteries of your laptop charged and hence is a crucial component which needs to be protected from damage. Your genuine hp charger is important because the branded and genuine chargers come expensive and thus will cost a lot to you if you get them damaged or lost. Thus you should know general tips to handle and maintain the hp laptop charger.

Simple Tips That Can Save Your Charger

The most common mistake we all do with our hp laptop charger is that, we just pull it out from the plug whenever the charging is done, and many a times we do this before even switching off the plug. This has a very bad effect on the junction where your charging cable is connected to the three pin. When you keep on pulling, the contacts and soldering within the closed three pin plug gets loose and might interrupt in a constant and correct voltage supply to your laptop. Even worse might happen, when the cables get ruptured and expose metallic strings putting you in danger of getting an electric shock.

Another wrong usage of the charger is the twisting of the cable. Many a times in the hurry, we simply go on twisting the charger cable so that some how it fits into the bag. This is wrong as the sharp curves can break the continuity of the cables laid within. Practice long folding, which is a lot better option and also keeps the cable healthy for a long time.

Take care when you have kept your laptop on a table or a sharp edged surface. During these cases, 99% of the times, your cable runs through a sharp edge which either cuts through the cable gradually or skims it slowly exposing the internal cables. Always keep a piece of cloth handy, which will help you in this situation.

Avoid sitting at hot places with your laptop. As the cable is made up of a plastic material, it can easily be damaged by the heat. Even if the heat is bearable by you, it will slowly make the cables weak and more prone to damage. Thus its good idea to use the laptop along with hp laptop charger in cooler areas.

Don’t overcharge your laptop. This is very common thing that happens with every other laptop owner. We just keep the laptop for charging during night, and forget to switch off the charging, and we only switch it off in the morning. Because of over night charging, the charging component will get hot and damage the adjacent cables.

Do not use the laptop and hp laptop charger on soft surfaces, like couch and such seating.