Do you want to view text messages online that your spouse or family member has been keeping from you? Unfortunately, the mobile phone providers will not allow you to gain access to this information, no matter what excuses you give them. So what other option do you have? Just sit there and let it eat away at you? I don’t think so, which is why I’ve uncovered a stealthy way to view text messages online from your spouse or family member that you’re going to be able to use to get your peace of mind.

How To View Text Messages Online From A Phone You Don’t Own

The best and easiest way to view text messages online from the phone of your spouse or family member is to install a “spying app” on their mobile phone when they have left their phone unattended. You might ask, why don’t I just read their texts while they are otherwise occupied? Well, chances are they might anticipate that you would do this, especially if you’ve been suspicious and have been showing an interest in their phone. If they suspect that you would try to read their texts, they’ll most likely just delete them after they have read them.

The good thing about this “spying app” that I’m about to tell you more about is that it will keep a record of all the incoming and outgoing texts of the phone you have installed it on, and the pictures, videos and call lists as well. So even if your spouse or family member deletes them, you can still view text messages online that have been sent and received from their phone. That way you know exactly what they have to hide.

What Is This “Spying App” That Allows You To Check Your Texts on the Computer?

This “spying app” is called MobileSpy and it will allow you to view text messages online of your spouse’s or family member’s phone discreetly and without them knowing or suspecting it. Not only will it allow you to spy on all the texts, incoming and outgoing call logs, pictures and videos taken by the phone, it also provides you with a GPS tracking function so it will tell you where the phone, and therefore the person has been throughout the day. That way you can check up on them to see if they really are where they say they are too.

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