Purse organizer inserts are also known as bag organizers and they are largely used to keep items in a bag or handbag organized. The inserts are also a great way of keeping the items from rubbing on each other and causing damages such as pen marks and stains that are common when everything is all mangled up in the bag.

There are so many types and brands of purse organizers and you would have to make a few considerations to get the best purse organizer for your needs. Remember that they also come in varying colors, materials and sizes, making it all the more important to know what you want when shopping for the inserts. Apart from buying what is already available in the market, you can have your organizer insert custom made just for you but at a price.

1. Your bag structure

There are bags that come with saggy bottoms and others are well structured. In case what you have is a bag that has a saggy bottom, then you should choose an insert that is a base shaper as well. A structured insert can help you add some shape and form to the bag making it look more attractive and structured. For a bag that is already well structured, you can select a purse organizer that is not structured so that there is a perfect fit between both.

2. Size of the bag

The rule when it comes to selecting the best purse organizer is to select one whose size is not larger than that of your bag interior. You can easily make the right decision by ensuring that you know the interior dimensions of your bag such as the depth, width and length of the handbag. You can then relate the dimensions to that of the insert you are about to buy so that you can choose an organizer that is relatively smaller. In case you cannot find the perfect one, consider having one customized for you if you have the financial means to do so.

3. Number of pockets you need

Purse organizers come with external and internal pockets and some are complete with zippers for additional safety of your items. Choose an insert that has pockets that are functional for you and enough to handle the needs that you have. Remember that the number of pockets could determine how big or small each one is. For instance, inserts with fewer pockets tend to have larger packet sizes compared to those that have several pockets. Relate your items to the number of pockets and ideal pocket sizes.

Other considerations you can make when selecting a base shaper or purse organizer is the material and how washable it is, the weight of the organizer and the cost. You can also consider the colors so that you can have an insert that matches your bag or complements the bag in a good way. Weigh your options and choose the purse organizer insert you find to be most suited for your needs.

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