Rewards comes to those who finish. Are you a finisher? Or do you run around starting new projects and leave other obligations hanging? Have left uncompleted task, failed to get closure, or just forgot? You can’t embrace the future when you fail to close the past.

Having incompleteness in your life takes up precious energy and attention from you moving forward. Think about it. When you move on from an unfinished project your mind always drifts back to it. Like a bad debt you didn’t pay and the creditors are coming for you. It’s like a past relationship that keeps haunting your new one. Something from your past holds you hostage and it prohibits future movement.

Incompleteness can come from being too busy, taking on projects, requests, and tasks you can’t say no to. Or self-limiting beliefs, bad work habits, and inadequate systems to handle your workflow. Procrastination and just plain laziness are also factors.

Failure to finish can cause a negative impact on your subconscious mind. Self talk derails you because you are thinking, “How can I make that sale if I can never find my stapler, calculator, or paperwork?” These little quirks stop your progress.

It’s all about finishing and the truth is 3 projects completed is better than 10 projects left opened. 1 book published is better than 5 books you are in the process of writing. 5 closed sales brings in the money and it’s better than 16 deals in the pipeline.

Adopt the circle of completion in your life. “Finish and move on” is the motto. Closure always opens up the door for new opportunities. You never see the Super Bowl end in a tie. The game ends and there is a winner and loser. That’s it game over… moving on to the next season.

Six Aspects of the Circle of Completion

1. Decide: Decide to finish something today, this week, this month, or this year. What is hanging over your head? What project, person, or task is holding you hostage? Do you have a lot of unfinished stuff. Pick the easiest item and get some quick victories to gain momentum.

2. Plan: Make a plan and attack. The planning process is crucial. Be aware that plans never survive the first contact with the enemy. Adjustments are a part of the completion game. Come up with 5-10 solutions to handle this unfinished business. Do it!

3. Start: That’s right, Start! Yup, that’s the tough one. People don’t finish because they don’t start. That mountain of paperwork looks daunting. It is not Everest so start climbing now. One paper at a time. Everything starts with the first step. So take it.

4. Continue: This is where some people quit. Yes they started. But that is it. Consistent progress is the magic formula. This is where you Do, Delegate, Defer, or delete. Yes, other people can help you finish. Teamwork is an awesome concept. Constant action is another key to completion. Keep going until you are finished.

5. Finished: Finally! You Are Finished! A weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. That is one less energy unit taking up your brain power. Now you have room for something new. Out with the old and in with something better.

6. Completed: One project uncompleted is done. How does it feel? No longer are you a prisoner to that energy unit. Now start the process over again and get rid of the stuff holding you back. Keep going until those nagging irritants are all done.

Find systems to handle the same recurring stuff that comes up. Your taxes, bills, investments, and other things will always be there. Don’t let them sit. They are constant and are easily handled. There will be projects that you have to pause due to reasons outside of your control. Do all that you can do.

As for relationships. Find ways to get closure. Simple things like writing a letter and then tearing it up frees you. Get rid of the unresolved issues. If the person isn’t available choose to put closure anyway. Decide that you are moving on. The circle of completion is a tool to help you finish. So hurry up and finish.

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